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Global-Galactic Drum Meditation


Drumming and meditating (going within) I saw a circle with a smaller circle to the side reminding me of a pendant on a chain. I stayed with the image and a being came in affirming that it was for me to wear. When I asked for a name I received “Galactic.” Did this mean s/he was a Galactician, Galactian or what? (It is so interesting that when I am having mystical experiences or in trance my “ordinary” ego mind is active–which is why I say that we are both an ego body and a light body.) This being referred to “they” so I thought “Galactic Federation.” I saw terrestrials and extraterrestrials encircling Earth joining hands and forces to cool down the heat at the core and the heat of hot-headed humans. The image was a circle with small circles all around reminding me of a crop circle–a galactic signature !!


The pendant reminded me of a being I had drawn in 2003. The heart necklace comes through now 15 years later telling me that there is a higher intelligence at work putting the puzzle pieces together. What we do today will come back around tomorrow and make One circle and cycle on a upward spiral of evolution.

Today I am circulating this invitation:
Join us for a Global-Galactic meditation this Sunday, August 19, at 9 am PST as Terrestrials and Extraterrestrials circle the Earth joining hands and forces to cool down this massive orb we live on. I will be drumming. Please consider adding your sound via chant, song, rattle, drum, pipe, etc. This meditation is inspired by a message and vision I received from “Galactic.”

Crystal Portal

In July Facebook asked what was on my mind:

Holograms, crystals, portals are on my mind.

I know/see intuitively so here goes:
Crystal portals receive and emit Light
Atoms (micro) are crystals shut down in dis-ease
Or shining brightly
Humans and Planets (macro) are crystals doing the same
Earth is transforming, awakening, enlightening
Through sound frequency of crystal portals
One Light Shining through many parts

Fear Not !! Be part of this generating crystal.


Tuned Out and Tuned In

At a family birthday celebration yesterday I asked my son if he wanted his grandfather’s old marine corps trunk. As we were talking these words came out of my mouth, “He wants you to have it” and with that an emotional wave. I then knew my dad’s spirit was coming through. Did he suggest it in the first place?

My brain holds little magnetism regarding details involving names, dates, events and even objects. This memory lapse is challenging in a linear world that thrives on mental “intelligence.”

My brain is more alpha than beta in brainwave frequency. This allows me to float more than ground. This allows me to have visions, receive telepathic communication and feel One with the cosmos.

As a mystic whose life has been twice saved by Light I see this as a “sacrifice” that many of us make. It’s good for alpha brain people to come together in community where we understand this common language and one another. I s’pose this is why I am attending a Sasquatch event today. I will be listening for those who speak my language.

Translucent Reality

Recently I was at the Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle listening to a choir. One woman in the choir was smiling the entire time and seemed so innocent and pure. As I watched her a wave of love rose up in me resonating with her Spirit. Three seconds later a wave of love washed down through me from “on high.” I felt it in my crown chakra the way I feel my Angels and Light Beings coming through. I wondered: who is observing me; who is watching over me; who knows my thoughts and feelings; and who is responding? I had never had such an immediate and vivid response from another dimension. Do I have a chord that connects me to a higher being — my guardian/s? Is this what happens when the veil thins? Is this what happens in a holographic universe?

Talk Radio

Tish, the Mystic, (her role on the UFOiTEAM — will be the guest speaker on Night Dreams Talk Radio Sunday, June 10, 8:00-10:00 PM with host Kevin Beegle.

Tish is author of S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings, Turtle’s Circle of Life children’s book and a certified hypnotherapist. Past Life Regression and Inner Child therapy, her favorite techniques, assist her clients in understanding the blocks/health issues in their current life.

https://nightdreamstalkradio.codragon swordm

Gaia’s Heat

Gaia's Heat

Several weeks ago in a trance session Archangel Michael showed me the core of Earth as a hot fire ball with lines moving out to the surface. I saw those outlet points as volcanoes. Since Hawaii’s Kilauea eruption and the many cracks that are opening in the soil around our planet (as reported by secureteam10 on YouTube) I am sensing this design/system assists with the release of pressure at the core. Perhaps this gives humankind more time to heal themselves and the planet. The time is shortened for humans to make right and righteous choices.

I Am Consciousness

cosmic lens

The volcanic activity in Hawaii reminds me of this poem that I wrote at Jean Houston’s home is Ashland, Oregon during her 2013 retreat entitled The Next Great Step: Transforming Intention into Action. Our assignment was to write a poem in a very limited amount of time (3 minutes if I remember correctly). This forces one to get out of the left/linear brain of analysis and into right/non-linear brain of creativity. This is what flowed through:

I Am Consciousness

Yesterday, today, tomorrow
I Am
Beginning, middle, ending
I Am
Big bang, quantum particle
I Am
Flower budding, child birthing
I Am
River flowing, mountain fuming
I Am
Yesterday, today, tomorrow
I Am
Nobility, peasantry
1% / 99%
I Am
All culture, all terrain
I Am
Comet blazing hot matter
Extincting cold
To blaze again
I Am

Gamma Joy

My hand felt the impulse to draw these Feminine lines similar to those in my book S/He Dragon. The act flowed like water–effortless. The designs are my “crop circles”! My signature! Are they sounding in 432 Hertz which is a harmonic light frequency that ‘speaks’ or ‘resonates’ directly with our cells? I get a “Yes” !! Light is sound and sound moves matter. So listen to your body when it wants to draw, paint, dance, do Tai Chi, laugh, write poetry, etc. 432 Hertz is Gamma Zone JOY. Do this for yourself and for Gaia who is resonating at this frequency. Here is the true meaning of Oneness !!

Archangel Michael


Archangel Michael came through last week in trance channeling sessions. He has been with me since age 25 when he came through an East window during one of my first meditations. His high frequency energy touched me with Light and I was floating on air for weeks.

One of his messages last week focused on his sword which he cast over humanity and generously offered it for our use. For me the sword radiates protection and healing. I use it often. You can too.

Is Archangel Michael an extraterrestrial? Does his sword carry alien technology? Are wings his space craft?