Activate Inner Shaman


Now, is the time to step into our power. Now, is the  time to let power step into us, through us. Sustaining left brain logic in linear reality won’t get us there. Now, is the time to transcend that limited brainwave and awaken, activate our inner Shaman. Why? Because consciously activated humans are being called to join forces in the great battle of Dark and Light. Now, is the time to sign up and join heavenly ranks in the uplifting of Gaia.

I have my own story, my own earthly drama regarding Dark and Light. What is your story?

I was in the dark and hit bottom at age 25. Archangel Michael lifted me in Light. At age 28 I was in an old Victorian home and dark spirits appeared. Alarmed, I held out my hands and focused, radiating white light. Three times they came at me; three times they dissipated. Since then I have met many dark entities in shamanic realms…altered states of consciousness beyond ordinary beta brainwave. And I have met some dark entities in this physical realm.

For years I have been stalked, and my communication systems hacked, by a two-legged male in this realm. He wants power over me and works to block my voice, my Light. His grip has tightened the past few months. (I heard his most recent wife left him, so perhaps more time to harass me.) This tightening is why I am telling more of my story now. I will not hide from Darkness. I will not be silent.

Gaia and Sun

Dark and Light are parts of my personal story. There is, however, a much larger story at play. Look around at the disease, corruption, violence, insanity—locally and globally. This is not the human species, this is a dark force working to destroy Nature: Mother Nature and Human Nature. These toxic forces use humans to do their bidding. Darkness is not who we are.

We humans are at a very critical crossroad. It’s time to acknowledge this invisible dark force working to destroy life on this planet. Global destruction has happened before. Now, however, conscious Light Workers are in place, like an immune system waiting for its cue to respond.

When we hear about another high school shooting, another terrorist plot, another greedy corporation, another rape of woman and Mother Earth, another clear cut, another pipeline, another animal slaughtered, see the larger picture, the whole—see the energy field behind matter, behind all the parts. It is here we meet Dark with Light. It is here we take up sword of Truth. It is here we calm the raging seas.

I invite you to activate your inner shaman and radiate white Light. I invite you to get to know the healing energy force that moves through your hands, feet, eyes and mouth. This energy work is our next step. We fly as conscious/enlightened parts, lifting the whole. No, we are not perfect. No, we are not famous. No, we don’t have external credentials. Our power is within propelling us onward, upward on wings of Truth, Love and Life.

The time is NOW!


  1. Williamrep

    Thank you for your forum topic.Much thanks again. Awesome. Krehel

    1. Patricia Lee (Post author)

      Thanks for landing on S/He Dragon’s website. Where do your “flying” adventures take you?


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