The Light Body


I woke up to the question: “Who is S/He Dragon?” and “What is S/He Dragon?”

The answers came in:

I am S/He Dragon. S/He Dragon is my kundalini fire core that engages (+/-) chakra “wheels of Light” and enlivens my physical matter. S/He Dragon is my Light Body that transcends this linear reality via wing chakra.

I saw the image of a lever wine opener. You screw (spiraling motion) the auger straight into the center of the cork and the arms raise up. This reminded me of my flying dream and the pulsating Light that moved frame by frame upward. Heavenly force moves downward and Earthy force moves upward in spiral design that reminds me of DNA ladder.

This is a very intuitive post with logic sprinkled in. This is how I process inspiration and information in “real” time — from within.  I learn as I go, as I receive, as I give. This “evolution” of consciousness is a living process.

spiral rainbow

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