A New Chapter


I speak Truth from right brain intuition (She) and left brain logic (He). This engagement and its subsequent combustion activated my wing chakra. There is no turning back now.

A new page turns. A new chapter opens in consciousness.

I was at a class Monday night presented by my friend Sara. At the end of the session I was writing text via left brain and doodling via right brain. I doodled spirals, looked at them closely and noticed how “cute/charmed” they looked with curly-cue curves, and how one flowed clockwise, the other counter-clockwise. Then they came alive impressing me with responsive feelings of affection—the same emotion that moved in my early spiral salamander dream. As I was engaging energetically with spiral I felt pressure around the top of my head. I know this feeling well. It is an indicator that I am connecting telepathically with a being—in the past it had been human beings. In this moment I got that there is “cosmic” intelligence at the other end of spiral!


Spirals are ancient symbols. I see them on the TV series, Ancient Aliens. Spirals are at the core of my spiritual journey, my story. These chakra “wheels of Light” (I capitalize Light because this divine force saved me, twice. Yes, Light is my Savior) allow Kundalini fire/energy to download/connect with my earth body. I have often wondered about Gaia’s chakras. Where are they? What are they? I just got an answer! Humans are Gaia’s chakras. As we download Light energy via rainbow spiral we activate Her systems! It feels gutsy to talk more publically about this…I do so as S/He Dragon.

spiral rainbow

I have been tuning in to and talking about brainwaves. Am I discovering a brainwave that is connected to cosmic beings? Now, how much flack am I going to get from this? How “woo-woo” will I be labeled? I had considered not posting this here and writing to a shaman instead. However, I am choosing to keep S/He Dragon in the mainstream, public eye. I still want people to like me. I still want to in here in this linear realm. However, my higher Self overrides this ego self and I speak out telling my story.

I am aligned with Truth—as I write Archangel Michael’s sword comes into mind’s eye. It has been suggested on Ancient Aliens that angels are actually beings from other galaxies/universes. Our movies Avatar and Interstellar (etc.) give us clues into new brainwave intelligence. Humans are awakening to a larger whole. Now, what to do about all the Dark resistance here on Earth? Align with Light forces and Light beings—we know them by their wings! Have you stretched your wings today?

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