Sun and Moon (repost)

I originally posted this on 11/5. It vanished from this page. I am reposting 11/12.


I learned something about Light yesterday. No, not from a book, teacher or guru. I learned as I watched it move through my experience, and then through consciousness.

Yesterday morning I was tired of stalker/tracker/hacker blocking my FB newsfeeds…for hours. So, I shifted gears. Instead of responding to news/posts bouncing in from others, I started to post.

During the day I “got,” through intuitive knowing, that this was a shift from “reflective” Light (moon-like) to “radiant” Light (sun-like). Instead of reflecting Light, that bounced from you to me, and then me to you, I started to emit or radiate Light.

I find it interesting that Light, moving through me, didn’t battle with hacker. Instead Light simply went around and through (via my weapon of choice: Truth) and in doing so changed the nature of Light in my experience!

What all this means will continue to evolve. As I state in my book S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings: “Light shape-shifts matter and evolves consciousness.” This is a living example of what that looks like, how that works.

S/He Dragon will be published as a book in the spring, 2015. In the meantime, my S/He story continues in the moment NOW, through daily living.

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