Our Global Brain

Gaia Torus

I am reading Jeff Brown’s book Ascending with Both Feet On the Ground. In the preface he states, “With the right intention, social media is the perfect way to bridge to humanity and to work together to enhearten consciousness.”

I, too, set an intention via social media. I see Facebook as a web of Light broadcasting news that inspires and informs through spiritual, practical and sustainable solutions.

The following words are not from mental mind but from living/evolving experience as shared via previous S/He Dragon posts. Since that blog page is now blocked (as of Nov 3) I am going to post S/He Dragon shamanic experiences here to all my friends. If you are not interested in shamanism, metaphysics or spirituality you can skip these posts.

Radiant Light comes in through the top of our heads via crown chakra and downloads through rainbow colored spirals called chakras or wheels of Light. We listen in Light receiving. We respond in Light expressing — to whatever degree we have gone deep in personal healing/clearing. It matters not the degree when we simply focus on Light within and with others. Light is a “forgiving” force. In other words we are all radiant beings.

In, with and through Radiant Light we communicate one to another bouncing Reflective Light. These radiant and reflective rays create sacred geometry on Gaia. This awakened and enlivened global brain creates solutions that enlighten matter. We don’t project what that looks like or how we want it to look. We stay focused on the expression of Radiant and Reflective Light letting it reveal to us the next step, the next opportunity, the next revelation.

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