Crystal Gaia Sings

Crystal ball

Last weekend I saw the fantasy rock opera Aeterno Elementum. There were many visual effects but the one that made a lasting impression on me was a disco ball hanging overhead. Each tiny mirror on this round ball reflected a thin ray of white light that beamed down on the audience. The enchanting rays reminded me of celestial Beings of Light sending Earthlings positive vibrations and healing energy. I received the healing rays on my body as if they were acupuncture needles. One ray landed on my heart and I breathed it in.

Gaia, hanging in space, is similar to this round disco ball. I had the impression of Her rays emanating as a “crystal,” with each facet representing a person shining Light. What happens when all the facets, all the people,beam rays of Light and  attune in harmonic frequency? The crystal raises the vibration of the whole.

Aeterno Elementum is the tragic story of humankind’s fall into darkness and included musicians, actors, armored knights, aerialists, and fire dancers. A gyrating, devious Demoness orchestrated the entire drama. The sword and knife fighting scenes (how many throats need to be cut to produce a dark rock opera?) emphasized violence and killing—the old paradigm of power—one over another. The next morning I realized I had watched humankind destroy itself because of unconscious darkness or ignorance. How does this happen? It happens when the lowest chakra (an energy center or “wheel of light” in our aura or subtle body) acts in isolation from the other chakras. This lowest frequency chakra is red in vibration and represents our grounded connection with earth. In isolation from the rest of the rainbow colored chakras humans think, and act, as if red lust and greed is our identity.

Now, could someone please make an opera about mankind’s rise into crystal enlightenment? We could call it Crystal Gaia Sings.

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