Crystal Dragon


A few days ago these words greeted me as I woke up to daylight: “Love is the reflection of radiant Light.” They had swirled in the deeper-dreaming vortexes of Delta, Theta and Alpha and now rose up to Beta consciousness and ordinary reality. I had experienced the disco/mirror ball and read that the flat surfaces or facets of crystals are reflective and the inside (if transparent and clear) is radiant.

I then read a Facebook post from Edgar Cayce’s foundation and learned about the Tuaoi Stone or Firestone of Atlantis. (

“…the Crystal gathered solar, lunar, stellar, atmospheric and Earth energies as well as unknown elemental forces.”

“An unusual crystal find [underwater] that bears directly upon the use of crystals as the generator of a universal form of power was made in 1970 by Dr. Ra Brown…scuba diving…near the Berry Island, Bahamas…”

Here he found a sunken pyramid with capstone, brassy metallic rod at the apex of the ceiling, and a many faceted red gem at its end.

Why red? Red is the lowest vibrational frequency and our lowest chakra. Why not green, blue, violet…or white?

From all this input I am concluding (thank you Sacred Masculine logic) that would be healing to do a meditation or shamanic journey as a collective body with a crystal as focus. What that color would be is known in the moment.

I “got” that NOW is the time to focus on this.

Crystals are speaking!

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