Dragon Fire


It’s not enough to attend church and pray. It’s not enough to meditate and do yoga. It’s not enough to know the science of quantum physics. It’s not enough to astral travel and meet spirit guides. It’s not enough to find bliss in nature. It’s not enough.

Enough begins when I excavate deep layers of my psyche. Enough is when I face my ghosts and demons, loosening and freeing them from their haunts. Enough is when I feel the deep wounds of emotional pain and grieve cycle by cycle.

Dark and Light go hand in hand. Spirit is just another word and spirituality is just another mental concept until I get dirty in the mud of my unconscious. Here my psyche is aerated and purged.

Turning away from darkness is not enough. Now is the time. This is the place. I am enough to face the Dark.

–an excerpt from S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings (to be published this spring)

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