Dragon Speak & Buoyancy

I am starting to understand Dragon Speak by watching it flow through me.

Communication with another person ignites intuitive She and logical He who, in turn, ignite language through words that pour out of one’s mouth. Engaged communication is a very creative process when it is more than surface chit chat. The wires in my brain light up and are happy when I have a meaningful conversation with someone.


Lately I’ve been using the word “gravity” in my communications because I had the experience of it. Today I used it again and mentioned Mother and Father in the same sentence. What does Mother and Father have to do with gravity? When I asked the question I got that positive male and negative female create a force or energy field that holds gravity, or rather, generates gravity — that feels like an electromagnetic force.

Lately I’ve been feeling buoyant. It is a free feeling reminding me of the song lyrics: “Summertime and the living is easy.” This has to do with the way I am living my life: in the moment. I’m not rushing around, scurrying here and there trying to promote and market my book. I am, rather, following scent, following trails. What does buoyancy have to do with gravity? I have no idea right now. Perhaps it will be revealed through living my life. (I have chosen this inside-out way of learning rather than learning from books and external teachers. Now, I am seeing how communication is a great learning tool.)

Dragon Speak reveals the next puzzle piece of conscious awareness in the next Now moment that curves with time. (that image came through…so I pass it on through language.) I am not sure how I will be myself (using Dragon Speak) and talk about S/He Dragon on the radio and at book stores. My intention is to stay buoyant!


the force of attraction by which terrestrial bodies tend to fall toward the center of the earth.

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