Dragon Eye and Capacity Building


Dragon Eye senses or sees beyond the five physical senses. This holistic knowing feels circular—non-linear. The challenge is translating this right-brain hemisphere (She) experience through grounded linear words. It’s a process of crossing “wires” in my brain and downloading the experiential knowing through linear words so that others will understand. It is very challenging for me and writing a book about my mythic journey was intense. My editor kept asking me questions, encouraging me to say more. My orientation is negative space and sensing something first, before the words. This Dragon Speak is not common language.

The word “capacity” is “up” for me and is directly associated or linked with my previous post about containers. When a container overflows or bottoms out it has reached a new level of capacity and therefore, a new container comes into play.  I have observed this shift of energy over many years as it relates to my relationship within myself, with others, and with day-to-day circumstances.

“Capacity” has to do with the flow of energy in relationship to matter. Since energy is Light capacity has to do with Light evolving or changing matter. (I am using deductive reasoning here…so I am using my left brain hemisphere (He)—hooray!) Light entered my life when I was twenty-five years old and I’ve been its student ever since. This is my S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings story.

Dragon Speak is based on observation through consciousness of Dragon Eye. As I observe “capacity” showing up in my mind I turn within and ask what this is referring to now–in this new moment? Once again I receive the answer through sensing and an image. Perhaps this way of seeing and knowing could be called “sensual imaging.”

“Capacity” is how, over many years, my vibrational chakras rose from red and orange to green, blue, violet and white. Reaching “capacity” is how I outgrew the red and orange containers that held my identity in experiences of ego gratification. Conscious “capacity” moved from lower vibrational frequency to higher frequency as I focused on a larger identity in Spirit. “Capacity” shifted once I understood that I was more than my ego dramas and their feelings, thoughts and actions. Everything shifted “capacity” once I found footing (and flying) on a spiritual path.

I am now at new “capacity” that means I leave my dragon cave and go out into the world to communicate as S/He Dragon. This day to day revelation keeps me evolving in Light of consciousness. I write this new story here so I can remember the details!

My book S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings is an accumulation of forty-plus years of capacity building.

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