Dragon Ear and Laughter

I heard the sweetest music the other day as I was interacting with my three-month old granddaughter. The sweet music that rose up from her soul and out of her mouth was laughter. Now, I’m not talking about a single laugh. This was a bubblincanstockphoto12959003g up and splashing over laughter. It was wave after wave of laughing song. My first comment was, “You are too young to be laughing like this!” What a strange thing for me to say. Why not come out of the womb laughing….why not? This precious music bonded the three of us.

My granddaughter’s laughter reminded me of my dream (posted March 4 ) with laughter rising to the surface of my waking consciousness. Laughter rolled through brainwave frequencies of delta, theta and alpha, and into daylight of this beta frequency realm with earthshaking arrival.

Let’s clear the pathways that have been clogged with stress and negativity. Let’s clear the channels with happy music of the soul. Let’s lighten up! Do we have anything better to do? Do we have any better medicine to give?

This medicine from the soul, for the soul, is our saving grace. Go forth and laugh!

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