How Do You Wear Grief?


Grief comes in many shades and textures and is woven through personal, ancestral and planetary loss. The loss of a loved one can leave one feeling empty. The loss our ancestors faced can leave one feeling helpless. And the loss of our forests, bees, and clean waters can leave one heartbroken.

How do you wear grief? Do you wear it as an undergarment so no one can see? Or do you wear it loudly on your sleeve? Your body gives you clues. Are you listening?

Patricia Lee, author of S/He Dragon, will speak and facilitate conversation regarding Wearing Grief (Chapter 10 in her book) at Vashon Intuitive Arts on Saturday, September 19, 7:00 pm. Book signing will follow the talk.

FREE e-book download cards will be given away to the first three people to sign in.

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