Dragon Tail

Dragon tail
I wrote S/He Dragon to honor the missing parts of myself that I found after hitting bottom at age 25. These parts are my Sacred Feminine intuition and my Sacred Masculine logic. Finding these inner parts and watching them relate to one another changed me and continues to add enlightenment to my journey—which is why I say that enlightenment is the journey, not the destination.

On Sunday I woke up at 4:30 am thinking about a couple of people and circumstances. A lot was moving reminding me of a robust water wheel. In this flow I became conscious that my logical thoughts held emotion and my emotional feelings held thought. I had not seen this before! These inner parts revealed that they are now moving as one unified expression.

I also saw a silver triangular object that was shiny and “wet” like mercury or quicksilver. I can see that image now, days later.

What does this mean? For me it means that if this merging is happening in my conscious experience it is happening in the larger body of humanity. Why? Because I am not separate. We are one body of energy and matter.

The effects of this merging can be seen in the political fields around the world as people take a stand to express themselves in ways that are for the good of the larger whole. This is a significant shift of consciousness on this planet! This new intelligence includes Feminine feeling and Masculine thinking.

Yes, I am a Seer, a Visionary. I see inside out, through Dragon Eye. I wrap what I see with language and ground it here with the snap of Dragon Tail.

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