One Chain, Many Links

Several weeks ago I was being self-critical and heard a voice say, “O’ ye, of little faith.” Recently I felt burned out, due to the many care-giving tasks in my life, and I heard a voice say, “Your life is not a burden, it is of service.”

Paramahansa Yogananda has entered my spiritual awareness. (I have written about him in my book S/He Dragon and in recent posts on this web site.) I am conscious of his presence and credit his spirit for the uplifting feedback I have been receiving.

This feedback moves as one chain with many links. The chain represents Spiritual Truth and the links represent the many teachers who deliver enlightening “good news.” These teachers do not bicker about right or wrong, nor do they act out aggressively. Doing so breaks the chain into weak links. These teachers bring light through one chain, whole and holy via universal law — a cosmic political system.

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