Dragon Spine

“…I find an overpowering sensation rising in my spine. It permeates my whole body, unfitting me for the performance of my duties.”
This sentence, spoken by Swami Pranabananda in The Autobiography of a Yogi (page 31), jumped out at me, resonating.

Something similar happened years ago when I felt a “snap” at the back of my neck and down I went, paralyzed for three days. My brain-body was never the same and it continues to be a challenge for me to perform “my duties” in this linear world that revolves around mental information and detail.
The spine is the earthly home of S/He Dragon as light bounces off matter through the multi-colored chakra wheels of light. Dragon guards these jeweled treasures.

Humans look for wealth outside themselves when a treasure chest of priceless gems is already within.

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