Dragon Bowl ~ A Book of Life

I attended my District’s Democratic General Meeting last night. The facilitator commented on the “Bernie t-shirts” in the room. Yes, Redmond for Bernie was there — four of us. They were seeking precinct committee officers and, to my surprise, I stepped forward. To be voted in I was asked to say something about myself. This was not planned so I let the words flow saying that I had worked at a peace and justice organization and became tired of angry people working for peace. Some people got it and chuckled. I said meditation was my way to peace and that we need to change ourselves as well as our systems. I mentioned that I had written a book about my spiritual journey and in my simple minded/hearted way I asked: “Is this okay here?” They said yes and I was approved with a room full of raised hands. So, I will attend a Presidential Precinct District Caucus Training this spring and start knocking on neighbor’s doors to invite them to vote…for Bernie. Yes, it is okay for me to promote Bernie as a precinct committee officer.

There were two speakers at the meeting who talked about Trans Pacific Partnership Trade and Agreement. One was pro and the other anti. There was rebuttal and questions from the audience. One of the speakers used the word “competition” to describe the interaction of countries in this agreement. My mind and heart changed the word to “cooperation.” Each country has something unique to contribute in the same way flowers contribute in a garden and musical instruments contribute in an orchestra. Language changes when we see with new eyes. And, yes, I am gutsy enough to say this in a public forum.

This morning I lighted my red candle (a birthday gift) and meditated. Immediately I saw and felt (this is a sensorial way of seeing) myself stretched upward with an elongated torso. I asked for support from my angelic guides who live in other dimensions. I then sensed the presence of a coiled serpent. I have a logo (communitythreads.net) that represents this serpent who came to me in a dream many years ago. I thought it was a salamander until I wrote my book S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings and suddenly realized — this was a baby dragon!

I have been watching and listening for the next entry on this website. It has felt like a void with nothing moving. Familiar with this creative process I stayed in the void listening and watching for Spirit to move. Today I add the next piece to my “bowl” of life. This bowl is different from the Kintsugi bowl that is pictured in a recent post. This bowl is pieced together organically through a natural process and held by a coiled dragon.

This bowl is my book of life.

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