Radio Interview with Travis


I live life from the inside out and call this the Sacred Feminine, meaning that I listen to my feelings and intuition more than my masculine logic.
Here is an example of how that works. On my laptop this morning I noticed the link for my January radio interview with Travis Taylor, clairvoyant medium and healer. This was his final “Create the Life You Want” radio program as he is moving on to television. You can find him at This morning I “felt like” listening to the interview and it “felt right” to post it. (My logic had wondered why I was putting it on hold, was I being lazy?)

Timing is synchronistic when you live inside out. The timing of this has to do with my recent shift in consciousness that brings aliens and star people to the forefront. I had forgotten that I briefly mention both at the beginning of the interview. Synchronicity plays out through words. It’s as if words have a life of their own, a magnetic attraction and a song. They seem to gravitate and hook up to make a more whole and rounded picture. This website blog bears witness to this evolution…this connecting of living “dots”.

Here is the link to our interview:
Enjoy the laughter and honesty that comes through our feelings, thoughts and words. More connecting of dots!

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