Dream Connection

Bee book imageMy friend Fredric has a woman friend in England who was “kicked awake” from a dream by a “Patricia” asking a question about dragons, serpents and bees. She thought that woman might have been me since Frederic had mentioned my book to her. She and I are now connected.

As a result Fredric loaned me the The Shamanic Way of the Bee by Simon Buxton about the ancient wisdom and healing practices of the bee masters. This morning I read that Bee pollen and nectar has the power of vitamin P or vitamin Pan that encompasses honey, pollen, bees, and sexual power. I will share by Pan poem here soon…in celebration of spring.

When I opened my Facebook page this early morning I had an invitation to Tasting Bee Magic with the Pixie Traveling Medicine Show. It will include bee-romancing, medicine, and the plant people. Magic is afoot — connecting the dots!

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