Dandelion Magic

dandelion root
The book The Shamanic Way of the Bee is having a significant effect on my shamanic nature—that transcendent part of me (and every human being) that exists beyond this “solid” reality.

Yesterday morning I was sipping coffee made from dandelion plants I had dug up and roots I had roasted, and I was reading The Shamanic Way of the Bee. I started to see and feel myself as a tap root living deep and branching out in dark brown soil. I liked this experience of being anchored in earth since I am often “spacey” and ungrounded.

I stayed with the sensation and sank deeper underground as my arms, torso and legs were swallowed up by soil—up to my neck! I lavished in the dark nourishment with my head comically popping up out of the ground and into open air. My earthy matter was being validated by Mother Earth. I was being held the same way a dandelion is held.

This Bee book has opened a window into a universal shamanic world and I don’t want to close the book or the window! Thank you dandelion!
(written March 2)

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