Personal and Planetary Detox


I noticed an intensity of negative thinking running through my brain-body. It felt as if I was moving through a cluster of black holes that were sucking the spiritual light out of me. I questioned this toxic state and took action. When a negative thought rose up I caught it and looked at it closely. This led to the following lucid dream:

I am talking to an audience about metaphysics and I lose my voice. I try to speak, again and again, but there is no sound. I fight to be heard but I am pinned down at my shoulders and feet. I struggle but am unable to move.

I am aware of my spiritual allies and turn to them for support. I attune to my torso in between the binding and call out, “Holy,” “Holy,” “Holy.” My shoulders loosen on my left and right sides. My right hand reaches out and feels the tight threads holding me down. They feel like thin cobweb filaments. I swoosh them away and wake up calm and undisturbed.

I thought about our planetary body, Mother Earth, and how she is held down by toxic people, toxic air, toxic water, and toxic soil, toxic food, and toxic systems. As I do personal “house cleaning” the planet is detoxed. This personal and planetary healing is ongoing work for the Angel-Human.

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