The Pulling – A Dream


Dream, June 15, 2016

I am with a group of people and pick up incoming signals.
Feeling activation at my third eye, crown chakra, back of neck
I put my hand on these “hot” spots.
I feel something protruding at my lower left side,
There is movement, like a baby in the womb.
I place my hand on it.
The mass of land that we are on is going to be pulled,
We need to get into position.
We follow inside a boundary line moving back and around.
We have time to move out of this harbor.
We are attached by a cord at our front center
We are preparing for the pulling.

My interpretation: We are getting ready for new alignment at the personal and planetary level. This reminds me of a flying dream I had years ago written in Chapter 30, about Caduceus.

In a dream, at the end of year 2013, I saw how I am enlivened and led:
I was flying through space in one direction. A cord attached at the center top of my head pulls me another direction and then another. This gentle yet firm governance was sweet and I yielded like a kite dancing in the wind connected to Source.

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