Fire and Ice

I have been emotionally volatile lately. Instead of letting issues go I am wrangling with them head on. Is this healthy? Is it aerating the underground of my past? A time when no honest emotional expression was modeled by my parents. Or is this volatility due to the erratic new moon that has been detected revolving around our planet? We cannot deny the power of the moon on our gravitational field personally and collectively.

For me it’s like fueling the flames and seeing what the ashes have to say. Do I change myself and my attitude or do I change the relationship and the circumstance? I am still reading the ashes.

As “dragon” spirituality does not look the same way it did when I started my inner journey 40+ years ago. Back then spirituality was stillness and bliss. I was above this world of drama. Now it’s fire and bliss as I ground. Quite a difference in sound and hue. I (my logic) continue to learn from my emotional feminine side.

To calm our collective fire we could focus on this new moon in our orbit and offer it loving support and stability…yes, even as we feel unstable

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