Full, Solstice Moon of Dream Time

When this linear reality and dream time reality line up I know that something powerful is moving. My emotional state and these two recent dreams have something to say beyond ego drama. All I know is that Earth is moving in Fire and Ice.

Dream under Full Solstice Moon, June 21, 2016, 2:30 am

A group of us on a high landscape are anticipating an event
Mt. Rainier is in view in the far distance
I see a large chuck of mountain break loose at its right side
It falls on the city below
I think of the people, buried
In progressive waves more debris hits land
Large grey rocks fly toward us
As they get very near I see that they are space ships
I raise my arms to acknowledge them, welcoming
Everyone raises their arms
It is very dark and we are asleep
A discontented alien baby wakes us
We try to sooth it, a pacifier works
The baby calms and lies down between two of us

(is this the same baby from my last dream?)

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