Bee Instructions


Shamanic drumming expands consciousness connecting us to a larger whole. This multi-dimensional experience is enchanting and I recommend it for anyone feeling depressed, lonely, or lost.

At the Faery Congress I participated in a shamanic drumming with Robert Moss. As drumming began I immediately saw an open fan in front of me (the hand held type) and began walking the pleats. It reminded me of a tread mill—like my busy life at times. The drumming started to buzz in my left ear sounding like a swarm of bees. The sustained buzz must have transported me momentarily because everything went blank. I then saw a golden oval mound reminding me of a gemstone. I was being gifted a ring! I asked what I could give in return and was told it was my time to receive—my time to Be! (Later I got that as BEE and that the ring was honey color and similar to a bee hive in shape. Enchanting!)

The next day at the Congress I attended a session with Jeremy Berg who has worked with David Spangler and the Lorian Association. We talked about talismans and I asked if my vision meant that I was to buy this ring. After discussion the answer was an affirming “yes.” Someone in the group mentioned that the young man sitting next to me was a jewel crafter. I now have his contact information and will watch for a honey colored gemstone to come into my life. Enchanting!

Jeremy commented that it was a good thing I wasn’t asked to buy a house! We had a good laugh at that. Laughter is good medicine and connects us with other realms. Be sure to laugh today—heal the chaos of this world.

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