The Cosmic Bus

Another puzzle piece of my spiritual journey just now fell into place. This “sequential” creative process is enchanting as my mental mind is still and lets the pieces evolve without demands for answers. This place of receptivity is Feminine and, as I see it, is the missing piece of our intelligence here on Earth at this time.

I had a dream a few days ago: I was with a group of people who were about to leave on a bus. I went to pack and it took some time for me to gather just the right skirt, dress, etc and…my hair dryer! When the bus was about to leave without me I did not give up in defeat but exclaimed that I had official permission to go with them. I was then on an obstacle course and at the end of it I saw my foot go through a hole, onto a balance beam and then down a ladder. I was victorious!

The next night I had an encounter (this was not a dream but a telepathic communication) with a being wearing a cloak. His collar was prominent and it is similar to the dragon collar I drew in my previous post. This was an answer to the question I have had for years as to why dragon wings are so precise in their design — pointed rather than rounded. I begin to see Dragon as a Star Family and Lineage. I am so grateful for this unfolding Enchantment Tale.

In James Gilliland’s You Tube video Enlightened Contacts with Extraterrestrial Intelligence, hosted by UFO Research (3 hours 45 minites) I heard James speak of Archangels, their wings and constellation. It is fascinating information/inspiration for those who want to ride new waves of consciousness.

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