Pink Bubble Breathing

I have a new relationship! It’s a pink bubble that surrounds me. I met it last week in class during a personal regression session. It continues to be with me and is magical — keeping me afloat and balanced much like a gyroscope.

Yesterday I snapped at the man I care take and felt bad (heavy and flat) about it. The unpleasant feeling kept nagging at me. I had crossed my own inner “red line.” I apologized to him and felt better. This is what “consciousness” looks like! If I was unconscious I would not be aware of my feelings, thoughts and actions and would be reacting all day long. Higher consciousness is when Love guides us and we respond to that subtle tone rather than our noisy ego with its short nerves/fuses. My goal is to be in higher consciousness, before my nerves take me somewhere I don’t want to go, somewhere flat.

A friend told me I should meditate more so I won’t get irritated by people around me. I considered that yesterday as I drove to Tacoma. For one hour I contemplated the lack of peace and acting out. My pink bubble came into awareness. I imagined breathing into it and filling it up, making it round and full. By breathing this intention I felt my brain body shift into a relaxed meditative state. What will happen if I do this “bubble breathing” several times during the day? I am practicing today and find it very natural. This pink bubble may become my best buddy!

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