Pink Dragon Scales

Purple dragon
I prefer spontaneity to structure which means I don’t drum or meditate on a regular schedule. This morning I felt like drumming and was swept into that familiar brain wave state of receptivity and relaxation.

I immediately see my Dragon next to me, but not the one I have known. Dragon now has pink scales and S/He is very proud of them, showing them off to me! I ask, “Where shall we travel?” and find myself at the white platform in front of Arcturians Beings, a place I had visited in a recent regression session. I guess that was enough for me this morning as I did not stick around and ask more questions. Maybe the next time I will have more….capacity….in my own pink bubble. Which reminds me: these pink, purplish colors are the same ones that came in during the healing scan with a client. When I asked the source of that energy I heard, “Arcturians.” It looks like I am developing a relationship with my Star Family. Enchanting!

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