Arcturian Crown

Joseph, Ashli, Trish, James

At ECETI Ranch’s Solar Eclipse Weekend I participated in James Gilliland’s community circle, Meet Your Star Family. Before he and Ashli began the ceremony I felt a tickling at a teeny tiny spot at the top back of my head. I think the pineal and pituitary glands (associated with crown chakra) are located closer to the forehead so I am not sure what part of my brain was being activated. The sensation felt like a tickling wind. Today I think of it as a vibrating thread or light beam going through the eye of a needle—in my head. This subtle energy definitely got my attention. Was my Star Family contacting me?

During the Eclipse celebration I walked to the Galactic Medicine Wheel where singing bowls were vibrating thanks to community members. I entered the wheel and my body spontaneously turned counter clockwise. In past women’s circles I was instructed to walk clockwise for very specific reasons. I have never been good at following external instruction. I walked the wheel, circles within circles, counterclockwise and sat in the Arcturian section near a beautiful lavender crystal. In mind’s eye a lavender angel appeared with extended wings. I was invited to share this angel presence with the 11/11 Global Meditation circle led by Ashli. For some reason this was a humbling experience for me. Perhaps because I feel humbled before my Star Family of Light Beings.

Yesterday morning in a drum meditation I travelled/flew directly to the white Arcturian throne where I saw myself kneeling to receive a crown. I did not ask questions. I simply received.

Recently a couple of men have complimented me on my hair! How delightful…at my age! I think the men are seeing the light around my head and not my hair. Yes, I think this crown (chakra) and my Star Family, the Arcturians, are having an effect on my aura.

Before the Eclipse gathering I was walking the dirt road to get something from my tent. I had pink rose petals in my pocket and began to strew them on the road. A man and woman called out to me complementing me on my “beauty” that they had noticed earlier. At the same time a friend yelled “hello” to me from her nearby tent. This was one of the best moments of my life! Why? Because people were responding to my spiritual light! I was grounding in a community on Earth as I was aligning with a Star Family. It doesn’t get any better than this!

I sometimes think that people reading my blog stories must think I am an ego maniac because I talk about myself so much. The truth is I am talking about my evolving relationship with Light. Light is my focus; ego is secondary.

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