Gargoyle Healing

I am telepathic and clairvoyant. I see and hear things that are “out of this world.” Here is an example: Last night as I laid down to sleep I noticed an energy being attached to me at the heart and throat chakra that looked like this tree gargoyle. I told it to leave, that it had not been invited. As it started to separate from me I thought to ask (thank you male logic!) why it was with me and where it came from. The answer was that it was from the forest fire. I then realized it was a displaced nature spirit. I held it in my arms, caressing and comforting it. I told it there were large trees in my yard where it was welcome to live and told of another yard and tree near its former Gorge home. I continue to sense its presence and send it loving energy with the assurance that Mother Nature will repair the damage and make all things new.

I am doing hypnotherapy practice sessions so I can become certified in Past Life Regression. The past two sessions were unique in that my clients went into deep trance where healing energy was being offered by Light Beings. They both needed a lot of still space. One client told me that four Blue Light Beings were with her and that I was one of them pouring blue healing energy down on her. The other client told me she was so deep in trance that she no longer felt the pain in her body, in fact she could not feel her body from the neck down. I saw large White Light Beings above her and I also saw hands. Since Light Beings don’t have hands I asked whose hands these were and heard: “Jesus.” My client had mentioned Jesus earlier in her Safe Space so she is the one who first acknowledged him.

I am calling this energy work Stargate Healing and, now, referring to myself as an Energy Healer. Have I received certification from “out of this world?”

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