Law of Manifestation

I am experiencing patterns of “manifestation” reminding me of the Law of Manifestation that I learned in my metaphysical journey. Subtle energy supports and shapes dense energy; spirit supports and shapes matter. If I/we want change it must happen within before it can happen without, in the external world.

For example: Two days last week I woke up and my body wanted to do yoga. That was a sudden shift since I have had so many other things to do summer mornings. The third morning I woke up to the face of a yogi (in mind’s inner eye) wearing a turban. I asked his name and heard Yogananda and Sri BaBa. I know the former. My friend Rachna talks about the latter. So I am not sure of his name. What I am sure of is that these faces/beings seen through Dragon Eye/Third Eye bring me comfort — even as I stretch muscles into yoga poses. Through the Law of Manifestation thoughts supported the appearance of a yogi’s face.

For example: My friend Gale and I went to the Puyallup Fair to see her daughter’s horse, Fantine, a beautiful and gentle Friesian, weighing 1400 lbs! We were riding the carousel (free if you are age 62 or older— whoopee!) and an attendant asked if I had worked at Children’s Home Society. “Yes,” I told him. He said he volunteered in my office and that I had given him a book by Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe. He said the book was like a bible to him and that it changed his life. When I told my friend she exclaimed, “We were just talking about that book!” Through the Law of Manifestation a book supported the appearance of a volunteer named Aaron.

How is manifestation happening in your life? How are the dots connecting one energetic dimension to another? As veils continue to thin between Gaia and other Dimensions this will become more common. Keep a watchful Eye !!

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