Avatar Alignment

This new cycle of manifestation is fun. A friend asked if he could interview me for a screenplay character he is writing—a mystic! I appreciated this response that validated me and my story. I was reminded of the movie Avatar with the “I see you” scene. And, he generously paid me for my time! I am cloning that pattern of manifestation!

I go with the flow and watch/listen for what shows up in front of me. It is an ever radiant Quantum Reality.

Yesterday as I was driving to Tacoma to pick up my granddaughter for a day at the Puyallup Fair I didn’t “feel” like listening to music and surfed the radio channels landing on KKNW’S Out of This World program with Ted Mar. He was interviewing Emma Louise from Norway (www.whiteavatar.com). She talked about her connection with the Andromedans, a chord and ascension. She was speaking my language! I “feel” like I met a cosmic friend on this Day of Alignment, September 23, 2017.

Are “feelings” radiant sparks of quantum energy? Are they the motion of emotions? And are we increasingly coming into alignment as orbs of matter from words to people?

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