The “Tall Ones”

Mt Shasta Medicine Woman
Hedge Creek Falls Trail, Mt. Shasta 2014

The fact that I ran across the following story on my computer at 5:00 a.m. this morning and that I am now scheduling my first paid hypnotherapy client (a man who wants “spiritual” work) is no coincidence. I feel my life is increasingly guided by a “higher power.” I feel connected upward reminding me of the movie Avatar. I feel cosmic lineage.

I meet the “Tall Ones” at Mt. Shasta on June 15, 2014 with teacher Camilla Blossom, Nature Spirit Medicine. At a crystal shop I see a large StarGate quartz crystal, walking away something speaks pulling me back. I look again, listening. StarGate expands in height and rays pour through moving the ground under my feet. The force sends a jolt of electricity upward through my body, like a coiled dragon. I feel a whip lash at my neck. I grab something to hang on to so I don’t fall.

Later at Hedge Creek Falls Trail I practice stillness and feel crown chakra activation. My ankle “pops” and energy moves from under ground, like that StarGate crystal expereience. I stretch upward with “Tall Ones.” I am a Tall One!

Today, September 26, 2017, I know the Tall Ones to be Arcturians, my Star Family. These Light Beings have been assisting me in my hypnotherapy practice sessions with those who are receptive. Now they will assist with paid clients. The Law of Manifestation in motion!

Patricia Lee Hypnotherapy
Know Thyself ~ Heal Thyself (available for viewing soon!)

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