Monthly Archive: October 2017


Hypnotherapy and Trance State
October 9, 2017
Past Life Session

I am kneeling before three Arcturian Guides/Guardians
They are very tall and hold staffs
From this platform I descend into a past life
A young girl in pinafore raises her arms to welcome me
A green crystal cave is next to her
The young girl takes my hand
I am large and nebulous, an energetic being
I am Deva like, Deva of green crystal cave
An emotional wave of loneliness washes over me
I am lonely for home inside cave of inner Earth
(Heart felt emotion validates past life experience as Angel-Human reality. In other words, one is not a robot, a machine with a cold and empty heart.)

Arcturian Lesson

I exchanged hypnotherapy practice sessions with a new friend yesterday and went into a past life that was magical. I ascended out of that life (via a green crystal cave located in inner Earth) and found myself kneeling in front of my Arcturian “Tall Ones.” They gave me specific information about the Crown Chakra revealing Earth’s crown chakra and how that supports ET actvity. I did not tape the session because I have not been tech oriented. That is going to change. Information was coming in too fast and a recording will be the best way to remember the stories and teachings. Arcturians are Angelic Beings working with us to raise our vibrational frequency. I am here on Earth to assist that mission which is to enlighten matter.