Gaia Fusion

I often forget details and events as I move on to the next moment. Today, however, this recent event kept nudging me to share so here goes:

During my Global-Galactic Drum Meditation last Sunday (9/9/18) I saw people emitting beams of Light Energy that pierced a dark, toxic veil surrounding Earth. As Earthly light beams streamed out into space Galactic beams streamed in. This “contact” of beams reminds me of fusion:

Fusion is the process of merging atoms together to create energy; the consequence of fusion is the absorption or release of energy.

Enlightened humans (this does not mean that one is 100% perfect–a saint–it does mean that one is conscious of one’s ego and light bodies and the choices one makes) are Earth’s Crown Chakra. We are her protector and support a larger immune system to keep dark forces out in order to sustain equilibrium, harmony (holistic health) at global and galactic levels. Yes, humans have a critical role to play on Earth!

Why are we trapped in this dark veil of toxic darkness? My friend, Steve Leombruno gave a talk on Black Triangles/Edmonds Lights at our SUFON (Seattle UFO Network) meeting last Sunday and this is a quote he shared:

Optical Trap Display
The technique uses a light field to trap and move a small particle through space. The light field itself is nearly invisible to the human eye, but the particle is illuminated by red, green and blue laser light as it speeds around to map out the surface of the represented object. It thus creates the appearance of a solid 3D object with a range of colours and fine details. If the particle zooms around fast enough, the image can even appear to move like a video.

Could this be what has happened to Earth and Earthlings? Are we set in a trap of holographic optics? Are we limited in our view and thus our frequency because of the veil around Earth? How do we free ourselves and our Beloved Earth? By sending out light beams in meditative alpha/beta waves. By fusing with Galactic Beings of Higher Intelligence–Beings of Light !!

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