Last Saturday at two Seattle locations two different oriental men popped in and kept walking around me (in my car and at the beach) staring into space. Their obvious presence and somber, blank looks were creepy. I thought they were Ufology related and wanted something from me. A day later after the “odeur” subsided (that word popped in so I am using it) I thought they were sex trafficking. What would they want from me? As I now ask I get: “my Light.” I did hear on the news yesterday that a sex trafficking ring was arrested at the Seattle pier. I am used to being protected (except for the stalker/hacker) so this was very odd. The circumstance had a certain “ring” to it reminding me of a more pure “surround sound” I had recently tuned into. I have felt/heard that “ring” since Saturday and my body became very alert—on edge. Did I “tune into” the sound of sex trafficking? Time will tell if/how I work with this.

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