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Weave Your Web

dragon celtic knot

Solar/Soul Beings weave webs of Light aligning Truth, evolving Life, enlightening Matter. Dark Beings weave webs of illusion distorting Truth, stagnating Life, destroying Matter. Do I, do we, know the difference when they appear as threads within and around us?

Light Beams


What do Dragons, Faeries, and Solar Beings have in common? Wings of flight, transcending as Light Beams through multi-dimensions.

Winged flight is more than left brain mental activity. It is an intuitive path and mystical gateway. Every human being has this brain-body capacity.

Who is ready to ride Light Beams? Who is willing to do inner core/soul work that moves one out of self-centered toxic ego? Who is ready to radiate Light?

Dream Time

Dream Time

Dream time February 1993: I find a Salamander and hold it tenderly while looking for a place to set it free near forest for protection and water for nourishment. In “real” time I feel motherly toward this tiny creature and asked Native American, David Horsely, to draw an image of it for my non-profit organization Community Threads. Time proved this to be the initial birth of S/He Dragon.

Dark and Light

Light and Dark

Light and Dark

Dark sorcerers walk among us using their bag of tricks to manipulate matter. Why? To push their agenda of chaos and fear, the opposite of Love’s Light. There are people who can help clear these intrusions such as psychics, shamans and medicine people.

As members of a crystalline community we know that the Nature of Love is to shine forth. No one, in any realm, is allowed to interfere with Divine Love! As Light Workers we cast our own spells of Love, Truth and Life — to restore balance in this realm of duality.

Solstice Song

4:40 am, June 21, 2014

Earth Sun lovers ~ in orbital embrace

One at radiant center ~ the other tilting, spinning in response

Their contact grounding ~ enlivening cellular matter

Their circuitry charged ~ releasing celestial song

Their solstice alignment ~ celebrated today

By Solar Beings attuned ~ singing as One