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I Am Consciousness

cosmic lens

The volcanic activity in Hawaii reminds me of this poem that I wrote at Jean Houston’s home is Ashland, Oregon during her 2013 retreat entitled The Next Great Step: Transforming Intention into Action. Our assignment was to write a poem in a very limited amount of time (3 minutes if I remember correctly). This forces one to get out of the left/linear brain of analysis and into right/non-linear brain of creativity. This is what flowed through:

I Am Consciousness

Yesterday, today, tomorrow
I Am
Beginning, middle, ending
I Am
Big bang, quantum particle
I Am
Flower budding, child birthing
I Am
River flowing, mountain fuming
I Am
Yesterday, today, tomorrow
I Am
Nobility, peasantry
1% / 99%
I Am
All culture, all terrain
I Am
Comet blazing hot matter
Extincting cold
To blaze again
I Am

Gamma Joy

My hand felt the impulse to draw these Feminine lines similar to those in my book S/He Dragon. The act flowed like water–effortless. The designs are my “crop circles”! My signature! Are they sounding in 432 Hertz which is a harmonic light frequency that ‘speaks’ or ‘resonates’ directly with our cells? I get a “Yes” !! Light is sound and sound moves matter. So listen to your body when it wants to draw, paint, dance, do Tai Chi, laugh, write poetry, etc. 432 Hertz is Gamma Zone JOY. Do this for yourself and for Gaia who is resonating at this frequency. Here is the true meaning of Oneness !!

Archangel Michael


Archangel Michael came through last week in trance channeling sessions. He has been with me since age 25 when he came through an East window during one of my first meditations. His high frequency energy touched me with Light and I was floating on air for weeks.

One of his messages last week focused on his sword which he cast over humanity and generously offered it for our use. For me the sword radiates protection and healing. I use it often. You can too.

Is Archangel Michael an extraterrestrial? Does his sword carry alien technology? Are wings his space craft?

ORDER by Design

Another trance/channeling session (2/27/2018) with Archangel Michael and S/He Dragon. This image is the sum of the inspiring information that came through. What does it mean to me? It is a picture of ORDER from the design of galaxies in outer space to the design of Kundalini forces in inner space. This design of order is energy in motion creating sound — surround sound !!

Inner Fire, Inner Joy

Listen, watch for inner guidance
And walk on water
Rolling with its rhythmic waves
Up, down and around
Spiraling motion of energy-in-motion
Moving us upward, evolving
Sustaining inner fire of Joy
Begone spiritual starvation
Begone lost soul parts
Joy carries us home
Even in these dark times and places
Such is the power of inner guidance


Chord of Addiction

This chord of attachment has much to say about addiction at personal and collective levels. As always I will let this information unfold via inspiration. This means that I listen to inner guidance/inner nudging regarding how to articulate this information. Right now I will say that Planet Earth is entangled in this chord. Light can loosen and release it. This is personal work that runs deep. Not everyone is interested or willing. Those who are know who you are!

Owl Power

Instead of focusing on the outer world how about going within and listening to what your subconscious mind has to say. She speaks Truth and will never give you “fake news.”

Last week I offered a Past Life Regression session to a client and Owl came through for her as a guide. Yesterday I received a Quantum Healing session from my friend and UFOiTEAM mate Mary Kennedy. Owl came through for me! I am amazed how similar a trance session is to Shamanism. You know the subconscious is at work when images come through speaking their own language.

What meaning does Owl have? We listen for that individually and find our answers. For a more collective answer I go to my book Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson:

Owl medicine is symbolically associated with clairvoyance, astral projection, and magic, both black and white. Owl sits in the East, the place of illumination. If Owl is your personal medicine, no one can deceive you about what they are doing, no matter how they try to disguise or hide it from you. Owl can bring you messages in the night through dreams or meditation.