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Tsunami Exposure


Do you have an addiction? Do you eat, drink, drug, need sex, gamble, watch TV or shop too much? Are you controlled by outside stimuli to the point that you are harming yourself or your relationships? How long have you been swimming in this sea of out-of-balance, toxic behavior? How long have you been polluting your body that is 70% water?

I have a personal story of addiction. In third grade I was “Fatty Patty” and have dealt with food issues all my life. There were times as a child when I would eat a certain comfort food until I was sick. And when I was eating in balance I soon found myself out of balance. These roller coaster waves continue to this day.

Recently I watched myself eating too many holiday sweets and sensed the presence of an entity saying, “This is my acidic sea and you will not change it!” I focused my attention and responded with a “NO.” At times this works and I stop myself from over eating. At other times the old habit pattern is too deep. The result is an inflamed body. Organic apple cider vinegar with water is my “go to” that calms my waters balancing my pH levels. The holiday season is challenging because my inner child wants comfort foods—her substitute for love. What is your external substitute?

I have done a lot of inner healing work and write about it in my book S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings. This spiritual journey just turned a corner with new focus. Instead of going within to heal childhood wounds, learn from past lives, attune with my energetic light body and listen to my inner guides and teachers I am looking outside myself.

And guess what I am seeing? I am seeing an attachment, a chord that was intentionally implanted many years ago when I experienced trauma. Emotional upsets leave us open and vulnerable to dark toxic forces that want to feed off us. When in balance toxins play a critical role in our health and well-being. When out of balance the results are deadly. It is up to us to be conscious of our alchemical sea and to have healthy boundaries and behaviors.

How do I heal myself when habit patterns run so deep? I continue to say “NO” to this toxic entity that attached to me as a child. I do hypnotherapy to contact this energetic being directly and, with the assistance of the hypnotherapist ask questions, become more conscious and demand that it leave. This entity is BUSTED! I have now identified it and have a direct line of communication with it. It is no longer hiding from me—in the dark. I have become conscious of a deeper part of myself!

I know of another chord that was intentionally attached to my body by a man I knew years ago. I had an energetic/telepathic love affair (something more common than people realize) with him and let him into my personal sea. When he got married I let go. He did not let go and continues to harass me through stalking and hacking my phone and tablet. This man is like the invisible entity who wants to feed off my energy field. His name is Jon Young. Imagine a naturalist, world renowned tracker, bird language expert — a man who supposedly supports the wilderness and Mother Earth — harassing women. Imagine a man that wounded — just like the invisible entity is wounded. (This clearing of attachments can be seen in action on Alba Weinman YouTube videos.)

The Sacred Feminine is rising. Women (myself included) are exposing men, as well as non-physical entities, who have harassed and abused them. The deep subconscious field is clearing out old programming to make way for a new, higher and more enlightened program. This upheaval creates a collective tsunami wave as laser lights beam through darkness. And where are these light beams originating? From individual Angel-Humans on planet Earth AND Light Beings from off planet. This team effort is having earth shattering effects.

As Light Workers we are compelled to drill to the core of self-love and universal love. Nothing can stop us. No human energy feeders, no non-human entities and no toxic addictionw. The Sacred Feminine force (in both men and women) is in motion. We ride the purifying wave into the New Earth.

You are welcome to share your personal story on my blog at You can do so by sending to and I will post it. Please include your city, state and a photo of yourself. Thank you.

UFO iTeam and Big Foot

UFO iTeam, Glacier WA
October 22, 2017

On Sunday, October 22, the UFO iTeams were driving to the next film set to interview The Orb Lady at her cabin along the north fork of the Nooksack River. Riding in the diesel truck one of the cast members said that he wondered how I would experience the energy of the land. His invitation gave me focused intention. When I got out of the truck and scanned the autumnal landscape of Mt. Baker’s wilderness I instantly felt and heard “BIG FOOT.” The expansive sensation and message was familiar as I had a similar experience when I was in the Methow Valley for the Faery and Human Relations Congress. It’s as if these mystical beings have a collective impression or song. I have not yet met an individual Big Foot as I have the Faery Folk whose presence I have encountered at waterfalls, green grottos and wildflowers. Perhaps by spending more time in wilderness I will meet them. In the UFO community “experiencers” are those who experience non-human (alien) life forms with their five senses. As a mystic, a seer, I access additional senses.

Arcturian Message


Arcturian Message for Light Workers of Earth
October 15, 2017 Earth Time

A dark curse is being projected onto your Earth. This thick, heavy pressure is intentional.
Dark Overlords in outer space trigger darkness in inner space of those who do their bidding.
The intention is to drain Green Life out of Feminine Gaia — individually and collectively — to make Her barren.
This is not new. Just look at the other barren planets in your system.
In the turbulence, in the chaos, Light shines. You are Angel-Human.
Align with us, your Oversoul Guardians.
Align Angelic Human with Angelic Arcturian.
Support Life on Earth and throughout the Galactic Family.

Arcturian Lesson


Hypnotherapy and Trance State
October 9, 2017
Past Life Session

I am kneeling before three Arcturian Guides/Guardians
They are very tall and hold staffs
From this platform I descend into a past life
A young girl in pinafore raises her arms to welcome me
A green crystal cave is next to her
The young girl takes my hand
I am large and nebulous, an energetic being
I am Deva like, Deva of green crystal cave
An emotional wave of loneliness washes over me
I am lonely for home inside cave of inner Earth
(Heart felt emotion validates past life experience as Angel-Human reality. In other words, one is not a robot, a machine with a cold and empty heart.)

Earth Mission

I exchanged hypnotherapy practice sessions with a new friend yesterday and went into a past life that was magical. I ascended out of that life (via a green crystal cave located in inner Earth) and found myself kneeling in front of my Arcturian “Tall Ones.” They gave me specific information about the Crown Chakra revealing Earth’s crown chakra and how that supports ET actvity. I did not tape the session because I have not been tech oriented. That is going to change. Information was coming in too fast and a recording will be the best way to remember the stories and teachings. Arcturians are Angelic Beings working with us to raise our vibrational frequency. I am here on Earth to assist that mission which is to enlighten matter.

The “Tall Ones”

Mt Shasta Medicine Woman
Hedge Creek Falls Trail, Mt. Shasta 2014

The fact that I ran across the following story on my computer at 5:00 a.m. this morning and that I am now scheduling my first paid hypnotherapy client (a man who wants “spiritual” work) is no coincidence. I feel my life is increasingly guided by a “higher power.” I feel connected upward reminding me of the movie Avatar. I feel cosmic lineage.

I meet the “Tall Ones” at Mt. Shasta on June 15, 2014 with teacher Camilla Blossom, Nature Spirit Medicine. At a crystal shop I see a large StarGate quartz crystal, walking away something speaks pulling me back. I look again, listening. StarGate expands in height and rays pour through moving the ground under my feet. The force sends a jolt of electricity upward through my body, like a coiled dragon. I feel a whip lash at my neck. I grab something to hang on to so I don’t fall.

Later at Hedge Creek Falls Trail I practice stillness and feel crown chakra activation. My ankle “pops” and energy moves from under ground, like that StarGate crystal expereience. I stretch upward with “Tall Ones.” I am a Tall One!

Today, September 26, 2017, I know the Tall Ones to be Arcturians, my Star Family. These Light Beings have been assisting me in my hypnotherapy practice sessions with those who are receptive. Now they will assist with paid clients. The Law of Manifestation in motion!

Patricia Lee Hypnotherapy
Know Thyself ~ Heal Thyself (available for viewing soon!)

Avatar Alignment

This new cycle of manifestation is fun. A friend asked if he could interview me for a screenplay character he is writing—a mystic! I appreciated this response that validated me and my story. I was reminded of the movie Avatar with the “I see you” scene. And, he generously paid me for my time! I am cloning that pattern of manifestation!

I go with the flow and watch/listen for what shows up in front of me. It is an ever radiant Quantum Reality.

Yesterday as I was driving to Tacoma to pick up my granddaughter for a day at the Puyallup Fair I didn’t “feel” like listening to music and surfed the radio channels landing on KKNW’S Out of This World program with Ted Mar. He was interviewing Emma Louise from Norway ( She talked about her connection with the Andromedans, a chord and ascension. She was speaking my language! I “feel” like I met a cosmic friend on this Day of Alignment, September 23, 2017.

Are “feelings” radiant sparks of quantum energy? Are they the motion of emotions? And are we increasingly coming into alignment as orbs of matter from words to people?

Law of Manifestation

I am experiencing patterns of “manifestation” reminding me of the Law of Manifestation that I learned in my metaphysical journey. Subtle energy supports and shapes dense energy; spirit supports and shapes matter. If I/we want change it must happen within before it can happen without, in the external world.

For example: Two days last week I woke up and my body wanted to do yoga. That was a sudden shift since I have had so many other things to do summer mornings. The third morning I woke up to the face of a yogi (in mind’s inner eye) wearing a turban. I asked his name and heard Yogananda and Sri BaBa. I know the former. My friend Rachna talks about the latter. So I am not sure of his name. What I am sure of is that these faces/beings seen through Dragon Eye/Third Eye bring me comfort — even as I stretch muscles into yoga poses. Through the Law of Manifestation thoughts supported the appearance of a yogi’s face.

For example: My friend Gale and I went to the Puyallup Fair to see her daughter’s horse, Fantine, a beautiful and gentle Friesian, weighing 1400 lbs! We were riding the carousel (free if you are age 62 or older— whoopee!) and an attendant asked if I had worked at Children’s Home Society. “Yes,” I told him. He said he volunteered in my office and that I had given him a book by Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe. He said the book was like a bible to him and that it changed his life. When I told my friend she exclaimed, “We were just talking about that book!” Through the Law of Manifestation a book supported the appearance of a volunteer named Aaron.

How is manifestation happening in your life? How are the dots connecting one energetic dimension to another? As veils continue to thin between Gaia and other Dimensions this will become more common. Keep a watchful Eye !!

Gargoyle Healing

I am telepathic and clairvoyant. I see and hear things that are “out of this world.” Here is an example: Last night as I laid down to sleep I noticed an energy being attached to me at the heart and throat chakra that looked like this tree gargoyle. I told it to leave, that it had not been invited. As it started to separate from me I thought to ask (thank you male logic!) why it was with me and where it came from. The answer was that it was from the forest fire. I then realized it was a displaced nature spirit. I held it in my arms, caressing and comforting it. I told it there were large trees in my yard where it was welcome to live and told of another yard and tree near its former Gorge home. I continue to sense its presence and send it loving energy with the assurance that Mother Nature will repair the damage and make all things new.

I am doing hypnotherapy practice sessions so I can become certified in Past Life Regression. The past two sessions were unique in that my clients went into deep trance where healing energy was being offered by Light Beings. They both needed a lot of still space. One client told me that four Blue Light Beings were with her and that I was one of them pouring blue healing energy down on her. The other client told me she was so deep in trance that she no longer felt the pain in her body, in fact she could not feel her body from the neck down. I saw large White Light Beings above her and I also saw hands. Since Light Beings don’t have hands I asked whose hands these were and heard: “Jesus.” My client had mentioned Jesus earlier in her Safe Space so she is the one who first acknowledged him.

I am calling this energy work Stargate Healing and, now, referring to myself as an Energy Healer. Have I received certification from “out of this world?”