Dragon Eye


volcanic eruption

Enlightenment is a process of knowing one’s Shadow and Light.

I’ve been challenged the past few months by my housemate (a temporary situation). She is a perfectionist and I experience that as controlling. We collide when I am not perfect—-when I forget something or do something abnormal like leaving a door open or forgetting to turn off a light. When she goes into offense I go into defense with red hot anger.

Last night as I was contemplating the situation and asking for higher guidance I heard “Krishnamurti.” I asked, “Don’t you mean Yogananda.” “No, Krishnamurti,” was the reply. So I looked him up on dear Google and saw that this philosopher speaks of self love, love of others and relationships. This morning I woke up to revelations about my anger. Thank you!

Why the reservoir of hot lava in my subconscious? Because I have been different all my life and as a result laughed at and ridiculed. This hurts because I want to fit in and be loved. This has also created deep wounds. So, how do I respond to people when I don’t fit their mold? Yes, I could read a book on “how to” or listen to an expert but as usual I prefer to listen within and with that I receive internal teachers and teachings.

With this new awareness about inner wounds and thus grief (my housemate has her own reservoir of wounds and grief) I will continue to be myself—-both Shadow and Light. In that I let others do the same. Will my hot lava settle down now that I know myself better? Will I have new ways to communicate? Will I love myself more and care less about what others think?

There are many ways to respond to others emotionally. One can suppress feelings and watch them erupt at a later time or express them in the moment and get to know oneself.

I now see how Light balances and smooths out shadows. And this is why enlightenment is a process and not a destination. Enlightenment is loving, forgiving—-an evolving spiral.

Reflective Light

I like to respond to others on Facebook via reflective light. I wrote this today and realize it has much to do with my new cycle. I feel less in that “pause” darkness now.

“I am reflecting Light when I share what others around me are contributing. It’s like our collective Light is bouncing off one another as in a star system as well as a crystal.”

BTW…I just “got” that intuitive hit that reflective light and collective light is all about Love.

A Pause

I am in a pause and not sure what it means. I feel emptied of ambition and wonder if it has to do with turning 70 in November. I have written and spoken about my spiritual process for 45 years and I think I am done. It’s as if there is nothing more to say. How odd is that? For me, very odd! I wonder if this new process and cycle has to do more with others than with myself. It does look like I continue to write my ongoing story of S/He Dragon. What is this creature up to now?

Drum Meditation

Drum meditation is not passive. It is an activity that includes giving and receiving. “Feedback loops” come to mind. How do words come in like that–spontaneously–without the mental mind figuring it out but rather simply being a receiver? Seems to me it’s a mind that is both passive in receptivity (feminine) and active with information (masculine). Is this not “intelligence?” If so our education system needs a serious overhaul. Learning from the inside out rather than outside in. How many are interested in going within to learn this new language: The Language of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine, The Language of S/He?

Sunday morning, I stood in a new location to drum. This branch with decaying leaves of Autumn also held birthing buds of Spring. What a story of Oneness this told! Just like a spiral and the staircase (that came through during this meditation) energy moves in two directions: inward and outward, contracting and expanding as one flowing motion. I invite you to step into this flowing motion with drumming, rattling, chanting, praying, etc. It will add sparks of enchantment to your ordinary life.

November’s Revelations

November 11, 2018
Drumming, I stood in front of the Hobbit Door stump and went in and up becoming one with tree. “Imagination is in the Eye of the beholder” are words that followed. This is a good example of how the Feminine leads with intuitive sensations and the Masculine follows with words of logic. Without the Third Eye Chakra (pineal gland) one is trapped in Third Dimension with its square lines and flat spaces. At the end of the drumming meditation a golden spiral moved from drum outward and upward toward Sun. Logic spoke again: “What is the difference between sunlight and spiritual Light?” Is it One energetic life force? If so, we are swimming in–as a people and as a planet–Higher Power !!

Ground Up Spiral
November 18, 2018
Drumming, I stood in front of the Hobbit Door and stayed close in, grounded. Rhinoceros came into mind’s eye, large and vivid. There is much written about the meaning of Rhino under Totem Animals. For me Rhino represents a “grounding” presence which is what my new cycle is about. A friend in the UFOlogy community suggested “Unicorn” as a connection and that makes sense. I was reminded, when reading a children’s book to the little girls I nanny, that some Unicorn horns are spiral in design—magical! There is that spiral again that has been showing up for months in my drum meditations. As I closed this drumming meditation a golden spiral moved out from me into the universe. Why has the spiral shifted directions moving out and up now instead of down?

November 21, 2018
Lucid dream: Standing on a high cliff I spread my arms and dive into the unknown. I fly toward a surface and sense it fast approaching. I land gently, hands first and then my head and body—like the child’s pose in yoga. I am suspended in this space/time (like a freeze frame image) and can’t move or talk. People gather around me but I cannot respond. Then something shifts and I come into this consciousness. This suspension is like the experience I had when Vimal Soneji introduced me to the mudras. I am sensing that this freeze frame suspension is going to happen on a massive scale. Will it be at the time of polar shift or when Galactic Craft become visible to the human eye?


My S/He Dragon brain with its Feminine seeing (images) and Masculine logic (words) has led me on a 45 year quest. Recent revelations make me aware that a cycle has ended–as parts of one whole reveal themselves! I will attempt to explain this using images and words that have come from within (not from a book, teacher, guru, church, etc–I call this the Language of the Sacred Feminine).

The image of X (1) played a role in my recent drumming meditation. It symbolizes the unification of Heaven above and Earth below and represents union, communion and communication–a fusion of the parts of one whole. And that whole is ME!! The spiraling energy that wrapped around me (see previous post) now had more to say.

In my recent drum meditation at this hobbit stump I saw a snake/serpent (2). Then I saw two serpents (3). Then there was a straight line between them (4).

I do not analyze or try to figure out the images that come through. I simply observe. A short time after the meditation logic had the two serpents encircling the straight line–the Caduceus (5)!

A new Facebook friend, writer O’ran Ruadh, wrote to me about Dragonborn, the Dragonship and more. This inspirational support from one who also speaks “Dragon” added spiritual substance to my quest that helped pull all the parts together:

Light download = spiral
Spiral = Sperpent
Serpent = Dragon
Dragon = DNA spiral
We are Dragon born
We are Spiral born
We are Light born

Download X


As a Seer this energetic spiral is what I saw in my drumming meditation last Sunday, 9 am. For weeks I had been seeing spirals in relationship to planet Earth. This time the spiral enveloped me! I was inside the spiral and was reminded of a teaching from the Emissaries of Divine Light: an X represents the crossover point of Heaven and Earth. In my personal experience this spiral also represents Kundalini energy which I have mentioned on my blog she-dragon.com.

How does this spiraling energy apply to a larger universe? Is it associated with portals, teleportation, levitation, intuitive hits or downloads? Is it representative of a universal force?

Matter is receptive. Subtle energy is positive. When the two opposites fuse a charged spiraling circuitry is activated. Without this unified force our world is flat, void, dark and dying.

Raise both arms skyward in a V formation. Invite this spiraling energetic force into you, your life and in so doing into Planet Earth. This is “the force that unifies the parts of one whole” (channeled words in this moment). This is what democracy looks like: free flowing inclusion called Love.

Dark Face

yin-yang dragon
I saw a dark, menacing face last night as I went to bed. I know this face but have not seen it for years. At one point I drew the face and named him. Last night I asked Angel Michael to respond.

These are dark times. Dark forces have human minds in chaos speaking in many tongues. This lack of unity within humans and between them has reached fever pitch on our planet. We are in crisis.

Angels are present—as I witnessed the other night. This battle of Dark and Light plays out at all levels. Each soul chooses, moment by moment, one or the other. Call on your Angel(s) for guidance.

Darkness is merely the absence of Light. Shine your Light and attract order in your life and on this planet. Yes, you are a significant part of the whole. Your light is needed.

Winged Associates

heart dragon
I met Rachna’s mother last night. She is visiting from India and had just read my book She/Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings. She related to parts of my story and was lavishing me with praises. I was amazed by her genuine heart-felt response. As she sat next to me with adoration I felt her own warm, golden light. Immediately I saw white angel wings, as tall as the ceiling, on my left and right. As we talked about gurus I was “hit” with a down pouring of energy that made me feel dizzy. Whew! I have received this energetic message several times before in association with Yogananda, Stargate Crystal, and the Tall Ones. It is a calling card of connection and support.

My friend and her mom think I should be doing more teaching. I have been teaching—telling my story for 45 years—and feel content. I don’t need to achieve fame and fortune in this world. I am wondering, however, if there might be a group of spiritual people I could associate with. My friend’s mother showed me that being with others who know/value Spirit brings in the Winged Ones—and that is the company I wish to keep. What is their wish for me, for all of us? This is what demands our attention during this dark, chaotic time on Earth.

Look North

Michael W. Hall (Founder and Director of the UFOiTEAM) called me Friday morning, September 28, to check in about my drive to the Cariboo Paracon at 108 Mile House in Canada and asking, “Where are you?” To our surprise we were both near Bellingham so we stopped at the Food Coop for coffee. Just as we sat down Lee Strauss (cameraman for the iTEAM) called saying that he had a message for Michael. A woman living in Normandy Park had called him. She had been watching a UFO craft through her binoculars from 3:00 am to 5:00 am that morning. A message from the craft was to “Look North” and it was specifically for James. Since he knew we were driving north to 108 Mile House and the Paracon event James sensed the message was for us. With this mantra in focus my drive took on a life of its own. The system of mountains on my left and right spoke of the geological movements that laid them to rest and now they came alive as living, breathing Dragon Lines. Did UFO’s also travel this 97 passageway? These Dragon Lines continued for the entire 5.5 hour drive. It was a spectacular fall road trip. (I had thought to catch the Hell’s Gate Airtram on my return trip but it snowed! I drove to the event in the Fall and drove back in Winter!)

Ley line activation. This earth matrix/grid needs human energy to charge, discharge and recharge as electromagnetism keeps matter in a state of equilibrium and harmony. This activation is personal, planetary and galactic. This energetic Oneness moves through matter as Cause and Effect.
I was drawn to a yellow leaved maple tree for my drum meditation on Sunday, September 29, 9:00 am. As I stood on the hill I realized I was looking North. As I drummed a large spiral came in and encircled a nearby haunted location inhabited by Gold Rush ghosts. I let the energy move freely in Love and with Love since it is the intelligent force. Why is energy moving as a spiral in my drum meditations? Is this the way Light energy moves in relationship to Matter? According to Mary Scott in her book Kundalini in the Physical World:

As all matter is ergoconscious and responsive to formative pressures from above, there must be in our terrestrial context as well as in ourselves, centres and channels through which cosmic energies pass and in which they blend.

Ley lines have been honored throughout time season by season, culture by culture. In a recent “Kundalini teleportation” I was deep underground in what felt like Egypt—maybe even in earlier Lemuria.

Kundalini is more than sexual energy located south, in the lowest chakras. It is one whole energetic circuit starting in the north (crown chakra) and moving to the south to move north again. Kundalini moves via spirals. (Chakras are often referred to as spinning wheels of light.) I appreciate this new awareness via personal experience and will infuse it in my Global-Galactic Drum Meditations.