Dragon Eye

Soul Orbs


Orbs attracting through time and space.

Electromagnetic song.

Orbs connecting soul to soul.

Defying gravity song.

Orbs communicating in sweet resonance.

Evolution song.

As on Gaia, so it is in Solar System.

East on the horizon cosmic orb rises.

Enter new age of soul-kind.

Our Global Brain

Gaia Torus

I am reading Jeff Brown’s book Ascending with Both Feet On the Ground. In the preface he states, “With the right intention, social media is the perfect way to bridge to humanity and to work together to enhearten consciousness.”

I, too, set an intention via social media. I see Facebook as a web of Light broadcasting news that inspires and informs through spiritual, practical and sustainable solutions.

The following words are not from mental mind but from living/evolving experience as shared via previous S/He Dragon posts. Since that blog page is now blocked (as of Nov 3) I am going to post S/He Dragon shamanic experiences here to all my friends. If you are not interested in shamanism, metaphysics or spirituality you can skip these posts.

Radiant Light comes in through the top of our heads via crown chakra and downloads through rainbow colored spirals called chakras or wheels of Light. We listen in Light receiving. We respond in Light expressing — to whatever degree we have gone deep in personal healing/clearing. It matters not the degree when we simply focus on Light within and with others. Light is a “forgiving” force. In other words we are all radiant beings.

In, with and through Radiant Light we communicate one to another bouncing Reflective Light. These radiant and reflective rays create sacred geometry on Gaia. This awakened and enlivened global brain creates solutions that enlighten matter. We don’t project what that looks like or how we want it to look. We stay focused on the expression of Radiant and Reflective Light letting it reveal to us the next step, the next opportunity, the next revelation.

A New Chapter


I speak Truth from right brain intuition (She) and left brain logic (He). This engagement and its subsequent combustion activated my wing chakra. There is no turning back now.

A new page turns. A new chapter opens in consciousness.

I was at a class Monday night presented by my friend Sara. At the end of the session I was writing text via left brain and doodling via right brain. I doodled spirals, looked at them closely and noticed how “cute/charmed” they looked with curly-cue curves, and how one flowed clockwise, the other counter-clockwise. Then they came alive impressing me with responsive feelings of affection—the same emotion that moved in my early spiral salamander dream. As I was engaging energetically with spiral I felt pressure around the top of my head. I know this feeling well. It is an indicator that I am connecting telepathically with a being—in the past it had been human beings. In this moment I got that there is “cosmic” intelligence at the other end of spiral!


Spirals are ancient symbols. I see them on the TV series, Ancient Aliens. Spirals are at the core of my spiritual journey, my story. These chakra “wheels of Light” (I capitalize Light because this divine force saved me, twice. Yes, Light is my Savior) allow Kundalini fire/energy to download/connect with my earth body. I have often wondered about Gaia’s chakras. Where are they? What are they? I just got an answer! Humans are Gaia’s chakras. As we download Light energy via rainbow spiral we activate Her systems! It feels gutsy to talk more publically about this…I do so as S/He Dragon.

spiral rainbow

I have been tuning in to and talking about brainwaves. Am I discovering a brainwave that is connected to cosmic beings? Now, how much flack am I going to get from this? How “woo-woo” will I be labeled? I had considered not posting this here and writing to a shaman instead. However, I am choosing to keep S/He Dragon in the mainstream, public eye. I still want people to like me. I still want to in here in this linear realm. However, my higher Self overrides this ego self and I speak out telling my story.

I am aligned with Truth—as I write Archangel Michael’s sword comes into mind’s eye. It has been suggested on Ancient Aliens that angels are actually beings from other galaxies/universes. Our movies Avatar and Interstellar (etc.) give us clues into new brainwave intelligence. Humans are awakening to a larger whole. Now, what to do about all the Dark resistance here on Earth? Align with Light forces and Light beings—we know them by their wings! Have you stretched your wings today?

Rainbow Spiral

I posted this last week and it too vanished. I am reposting as best I can remember since I did not save it.

I woke up with the questions: Who is S/He Dragon? What is S/He Dragon.

I am S/He Dragon. Fiery Kunalini life force moves through my core (starting at the crown) engaging chakras and activating my matter.

I saw the image of a lever wine opener. As the auger goes straight down into the cork the arms raise upward. This reminded me of my Dragon wings that activated when intuitive She started to communicate and cooperate with logical He.

Kundalini connects with matter via spiral design. Each chakra wheel of light is a spiral. There is something magical/mystical about the spiral.

Flying Dream (repost)

I originally posted this 11/7. It vanished from this page. I am reposting 11/12.

A friend and I saw the movie Interstellar yesterday. It features Love as a force that defies gravity. I am now sensing that the “frame” of pulsations has to do with gravity. Time (which is space) will give me more clues.

Friday, November 7, 2014 — 5:20 am

I just woke up with an incredible flying dream.

I was with women (a couple whom I know in this earthly realm) at an event, moving from one building to another. As I stepped outside to walk with one friend I felt a familiar sensation wash over me. It’s a whisper, a calling—to fly. I told the woman I had something else I had to do.

I then raised my right arm and hand, with palm to ground, out in a 45 degree angle, and caught the sweet air current. Up I rose. I flew circularly observing the motion and noting the terrain. I stopped part way around and thought I would stop every quarter section but no, this motion of flight was not that logical. I was not far above the earth and sensed that others could see me or know I was flying. I was okay with being seen, unlike flying dreams in the past.

When I awoke I felt something new in my brain body: a pulsating, vibrating “wave” was moving upward, frame by frame reminding me of a movie reel. I don’t know, in a linear sense, what this means. Being right-brain I don’t need this linear information. I blog it to remember and let it inform me through time.

Flying dreams are sensation-filled. An experience of heaven on earth. What word/s can describe that?dragon sword

Sun and Moon (repost)

I originally posted this on 11/5. It vanished from this page. I am reposting 11/12.


I learned something about Light yesterday. No, not from a book, teacher or guru. I learned as I watched it move through my experience, and then through consciousness.

Yesterday morning I was tired of stalker/tracker/hacker blocking my FB newsfeeds…for hours. So, I shifted gears. Instead of responding to news/posts bouncing in from others, I started to post.

During the day I “got,” through intuitive knowing, that this was a shift from “reflective” Light (moon-like) to “radiant” Light (sun-like). Instead of reflecting Light, that bounced from you to me, and then me to you, I started to emit or radiate Light.

I find it interesting that Light, moving through me, didn’t battle with hacker. Instead Light simply went around and through (via my weapon of choice: Truth) and in doing so changed the nature of Light in my experience!

What all this means will continue to evolve. As I state in my book S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings: “Light shape-shifts matter and evolves consciousness.” This is a living example of what that looks like, how that works.

S/He Dragon will be published as a book in the spring, 2015. In the meantime, my S/He story continues in the moment NOW, through daily living.

The Light Body


I woke up to the question: “Who is S/He Dragon?” and “What is S/He Dragon?”

The answers came in:

I am S/He Dragon. S/He Dragon is my kundalini fire core that engages (+/-) chakra “wheels of Light” and enlivens my physical matter. S/He Dragon is my Light Body that transcends this linear reality via wing chakra.

I saw the image of a lever wine opener. You screw (spiraling motion) the auger straight into the center of the cork and the arms raise up. This reminded me of my flying dream and the pulsating Light that moved frame by frame upward. Heavenly force moves downward and Earthy force moves upward in spiral design that reminds me of DNA ladder.

This is a very intuitive post with logic sprinkled in. This is how I process inspiration and information in “real” time — from within.  I learn as I go, as I receive, as I give. This “evolution” of consciousness is a living process.

spiral rainbow

Reel Flying Dream


Friday, November 7, 2014, 5:20 am

I am with women (a couple whom I know in this earthly realm) at an event, moving from one building to another. As I step outside to walk with one friend a familiar sensation washes over me. It’s a pressurized calling I feel in my body—to fly. I tell the woman I am walking with that I have something else to do.

I raise my right arm and hand, with palm to ground, out in a 45 degree angle, and catch the sweet air current. Up, I rise and level out not far from ground. I sense that I will be seen and this is now okay with me, unlike early flying dreams.

I fly circularly, observing the motion and noting the terrain. I stop part way around and think I might stop every quarter section but no, this motion pulling me in flight, is not that logical.

I awake and feel something new in my brain body: a pulsating, vibrating “wave” moving upward, frame by frame reminding me of a movie reel. it stays with me making a definite impression. I don’t know, in a linear sense, what this means. Being right-brain I don’t need this linear information. I blog to remember and let it inform me through time.

Flying dreams are heavenly–a sweet yielding to a subtle force–sensation filled.

Activate Inner Shaman


Now, is the time to step into our power. Now, is the  time to let power step into us, through us. Sustaining left brain logic in linear reality won’t get us there. Now, is the time to transcend that limited brainwave and awaken, activate our inner Shaman. Why? Because consciously activated humans are being called to join forces in the great battle of Dark and Light. Now, is the time to sign up and join heavenly ranks in the uplifting of Gaia.

I have my own story, my own earthly drama regarding Dark and Light. What is your story?

I was in the dark and hit bottom at age 25. Archangel Michael lifted me in Light. At age 28 I was in an old Victorian home and dark spirits appeared. Alarmed, I held out my hands and focused, radiating white light. Three times they came at me; three times they dissipated. Since then I have met many dark entities in shamanic realms…altered states of consciousness beyond ordinary beta brainwave. And I have met some dark entities in this physical realm.

For years I have been stalked, and my communication systems hacked, by a two-legged male in this realm. He wants power over me and works to block my voice, my Light. His grip has tightened the past few months. (I heard his most recent wife left him, so perhaps more time to harass me.) This tightening is why I am telling more of my story now. I will not hide from Darkness. I will not be silent.

Gaia and Sun

Dark and Light are parts of my personal story. There is, however, a much larger story at play. Look around at the disease, corruption, violence, insanity—locally and globally. This is not the human species, this is a dark force working to destroy Nature: Mother Nature and Human Nature. These toxic forces use humans to do their bidding. Darkness is not who we are.

We humans are at a very critical crossroad. It’s time to acknowledge this invisible dark force working to destroy life on this planet. Global destruction has happened before. Now, however, conscious Light Workers are in place, like an immune system waiting for its cue to respond.

When we hear about another high school shooting, another terrorist plot, another greedy corporation, another rape of woman and Mother Earth, another clear cut, another pipeline, another animal slaughtered, see the larger picture, the whole—see the energy field behind matter, behind all the parts. It is here we meet Dark with Light. It is here we take up sword of Truth. It is here we calm the raging seas.

I invite you to activate your inner shaman and radiate white Light. I invite you to get to know the healing energy force that moves through your hands, feet, eyes and mouth. This energy work is our next step. We fly as conscious/enlightened parts, lifting the whole. No, we are not perfect. No, we are not famous. No, we don’t have external credentials. Our power is within propelling us onward, upward on wings of Truth, Love and Life.

The time is NOW!