Dragon Eye

The “Tall Ones”

Mt Shasta Medicine Woman
Hedge Creek Falls Trail, Mt. Shasta 2014

The fact that I ran across the following story on my computer at 5:00 a.m. this morning and that I am now scheduling my first paid hypnotherapy client (a man who wants “spiritual” work) is no coincidence. I feel my life is increasingly guided by a “higher power.” I feel connected upward reminding me of the movie Avatar. I feel cosmic lineage.

I meet the “Tall Ones” at Mt. Shasta on June 15, 2014 with teacher Camilla Blossom, Nature Spirit Medicine. At a crystal shop I see a large StarGate quartz crystal, walking away something speaks pulling me back. I look again, listening. StarGate expands in height and rays pour through moving the ground under my feet. The force sends a jolt of electricity upward through my body, like a coiled dragon. I feel a whip lash at my neck. I grab something to hang on to so I don’t fall.

Later at Hedge Creek Falls Trail I practice stillness and feel crown chakra activation. My ankle “pops” and energy moves from under ground, like that StarGate crystal expereience. I stretch upward with “Tall Ones.” I am a Tall One!

Today, September 26, 2017, I know the Tall Ones to be Arcturians, my Star Family. These Light Beings have been assisting me in my hypnotherapy practice sessions with those who are receptive. Now they will assist with paid clients. The Law of Manifestation in motion!

Patricia Lee Hypnotherapy
Know Thyself ~ Heal Thyself
www.patricialeehypnotherapy.org (available for viewing soon!)

Avatar Alignment

This new cycle of manifestation is fun. A friend asked if he could interview me for a screenplay character he is writing—a mystic! I appreciated this response that validated me and my story. I was reminded of the movie Avatar with the “I see you” scene. And, he generously paid me for my time! I am cloning that pattern of manifestation!

I go with the flow and watch/listen for what shows up in front of me. It is an ever radiant Quantum Reality.

Yesterday as I was driving to Tacoma to pick up my granddaughter for a day at the Puyallup Fair I didn’t “feel” like listening to music and surfed the radio channels landing on KKNW’S Out of This World program with Ted Mar. He was interviewing Emma Louise from Norway (www.whiteavatar.com). She talked about her connection with the Andromedans, a chord and ascension. She was speaking my language! I “feel” like I met a cosmic friend on this Day of Alignment, September 23, 2017.

Are “feelings” radiant sparks of quantum energy? Are they the motion of emotions? And are we increasingly coming into alignment as orbs of matter from words to people?

Law of Manifestation

I am experiencing patterns of “manifestation” reminding me of the Law of Manifestation that I learned in my metaphysical journey. Subtle energy supports and shapes dense energy; spirit supports and shapes matter. If I/we want change it must happen within before it can happen without, in the external world.

For example: Two days last week I woke up and my body wanted to do yoga. That was a sudden shift since I have had so many other things to do summer mornings. The third morning I woke up to the face of a yogi (in mind’s inner eye) wearing a turban. I asked his name and heard Yogananda and Sri BaBa. I know the former. My friend Rachna talks about the latter. So I am not sure of his name. What I am sure of is that these faces/beings seen through Dragon Eye/Third Eye bring me comfort — even as I stretch muscles into yoga poses. Through the Law of Manifestation thoughts supported the appearance of a yogi’s face.

For example: My friend Gale and I went to the Puyallup Fair to see her daughter’s horse, Fantine, a beautiful and gentle Friesian, weighing 1400 lbs! We were riding the carousel (free if you are age 62 or older— whoopee!) and an attendant asked if I had worked at Children’s Home Society. “Yes,” I told him. He said he volunteered in my office and that I had given him a book by Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe. He said the book was like a bible to him and that it changed his life. When I told my friend she exclaimed, “We were just talking about that book!” Through the Law of Manifestation a book supported the appearance of a volunteer named Aaron.

How is manifestation happening in your life? How are the dots connecting one energetic dimension to another? As veils continue to thin between Gaia and other Dimensions this will become more common. Keep a watchful Eye !!

Gargoyle Healing

I am telepathic and clairvoyant. I see and hear things that are “out of this world.” Here is an example: Last night as I laid down to sleep I noticed an energy being attached to me at the heart and throat chakra that looked like this tree gargoyle. I told it to leave, that it had not been invited. As it started to separate from me I thought to ask (thank you male logic!) why it was with me and where it came from. The answer was that it was from the forest fire. I then realized it was a displaced nature spirit. I held it in my arms, caressing and comforting it. I told it there were large trees in my yard where it was welcome to live and told of another yard and tree near its former Gorge home. I continue to sense its presence and send it loving energy with the assurance that Mother Nature will repair the damage and make all things new.

I am doing hypnotherapy practice sessions so I can become certified in Past Life Regression. The past two sessions were unique in that my clients went into deep trance where healing energy was being offered by Light Beings. They both needed a lot of still space. One client told me that four Blue Light Beings were with her and that I was one of them pouring blue healing energy down on her. The other client told me she was so deep in trance that she no longer felt the pain in her body, in fact she could not feel her body from the neck down. I saw large White Light Beings above her and I also saw hands. Since Light Beings don’t have hands I asked whose hands these were and heard: “Jesus.” My client had mentioned Jesus earlier in her Safe Space so she is the one who first acknowledged him.

I am calling this energy work Stargate Healing and, now, referring to myself as an Energy Healer. Have I received certification from “out of this world?”

Language of the Feminine

At the SUFON meetup last Sunday as I was setting up the group intention for drumming an image came through. (Image 1)

While drumming the image started to spin reminding me of a top. (Image 2)

At the time I wondered if the circle was my drum, the heart chakra or the healing intention that we were generating.

Since then I am considering the images and motion to represent a timeline and even that silver cord.

As always, my story unfolds through the Language of the Sacred Feminine — images — and not linear words and logic.

what a ride !!

The Washington Department of Health mailed my Hypnotherapy Registration card. I am now official! The next step is setting up my website with the help of Elizabeth Diane at lucid9design.com.

On the website list of Healing Modalities I will include Sacred Drum Journey. The sound of the drum is an excellent way to shift into a trance state where deep inner work can take place.

For forty-four years I have been listening to the “language of the Sacred Feminine” that aligns the subconscious and conscious mind with higher consciousness. Practicing hypnotherapy is a natural progression of that inner work as I move outward in service to others.

At age 68 I now know what I want to be when I grow up! Whew! What a ride!

Silver Cord


I am “intuiting” that the vibrating spot at the top back of my head (mentioned in the previous post) is associated with the “silver cord” and crown chakra. I experienced this cord in a personal past life regression session in hypnotherapy training. I left my physical body via an “umbilical cord” and incarnated via the same cord.

The following is from http://www.near-death.com/science/research/silver-cord.html#a04

This silver cord is our spirit body’s “lifeline” to our physical body in the same way that our umbilical cord is our “lifeline” to our mother’s body during the birth process.

During the death process, should the physical body be subjected to a violent death, such as in a severe car accident, the silver cord is severed before the impact preventing the pain that is experienced by the physical body from being felt by the spirit body.

The existence of the silver cord is even mentioned in the Bible:

“Remember him – before the silver cord is severed, or the golden bowl is broken; before the pitcher is shattered at the spring, or the wheel broken at the well, and the dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.” (Ecclesiastes 12:6-7)

Arcturian Crown

Joseph, Ashli, Trish, James

At ECETI Ranch’s Solar Eclipse Weekend I participated in James Gilliland’s community circle, Meet Your Star Family. Before he and Ashli began the ceremony I felt a tickling at a teeny tiny spot at the top back of my head. I think the pineal and pituitary glands (associated with crown chakra) are located closer to the forehead so I am not sure what part of my brain was being activated. The sensation felt like a tickling wind. Today I think of it as a vibrating thread or light beam going through the eye of a needle—in my head. This subtle energy definitely got my attention. Was my Star Family contacting me?

During the Eclipse celebration I walked to the Galactic Medicine Wheel where singing bowls were vibrating thanks to community members. I entered the wheel and my body spontaneously turned counter clockwise. In past women’s circles I was instructed to walk clockwise for very specific reasons. I have never been good at following external instruction. I walked the wheel, circles within circles, counterclockwise and sat in the Arcturian section near a beautiful lavender crystal. In mind’s eye a lavender angel appeared with extended wings. I was invited to share this angel presence with the 11/11 Global Meditation circle led by Ashli. For some reason this was a humbling experience for me. Perhaps because I feel humbled before my Star Family of Light Beings.

Yesterday morning in a drum meditation I travelled/flew directly to the white Arcturian throne where I saw myself kneeling to receive a crown. I did not ask questions. I simply received.

Recently a couple of men have complimented me on my hair! How delightful…at my age! I think the men are seeing the light around my head and not my hair. Yes, I think this crown (chakra) and my Star Family, the Arcturians, are having an effect on my aura.

Before the Eclipse gathering I was walking the dirt road to get something from my tent. I had pink rose petals in my pocket and began to strew them on the road. A man and woman called out to me complementing me on my “beauty” that they had noticed earlier. At the same time a friend yelled “hello” to me from her nearby tent. This was one of the best moments of my life! Why? Because people were responding to my spiritual light! I was grounding in a community on Earth as I was aligning with a Star Family. It doesn’t get any better than this!

I sometimes think that people reading my blog stories must think I am an ego maniac because I talk about myself so much. The truth is I am talking about my evolving relationship with Light. Light is my focus; ego is secondary.

Pink Dragon Scales

Purple dragon
I prefer spontaneity to structure which means I don’t drum or meditate on a regular schedule. This morning I felt like drumming and was swept into that familiar brain wave state of receptivity and relaxation.

I immediately see my Dragon next to me, but not the one I have known. Dragon now has pink scales and S/He is very proud of them, showing them off to me! I ask, “Where shall we travel?” and find myself at the white platform in front of Arcturians Beings, a place I had visited in a recent regression session. I guess that was enough for me this morning as I did not stick around and ask more questions. Maybe the next time I will have more….capacity….in my own pink bubble. Which reminds me: these pink, purplish colors are the same ones that came in during the healing scan with a client. When I asked the source of that energy I heard, “Arcturians.” It looks like I am developing a relationship with my Star Family. Enchanting!

Frog Medicine

Frog keeps appearing in my hypnotherapy sessions with classmates and clients. A few months ago Frog came in during Sacred Healing Space, that part of session where healing work is done. He was sitting on a lotus flower at the top of my head. A stem extended to my feet and the muddy earth. My goal for this session was more “grounding” and less floating away.

In the book, Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sams & David Carson, “Frog medicine is akin to water energy, and the East on the medicine wheel. Frog teaches us to honor our tears, for they cleanse the soul. All water rites belong to Frog, including all initiations by water.”

Other excerpts from the book:

“The key thought is to find a way to rid yourself of distractions and to replace the mud with clear energy. Then replenish your parched spirit, body, and mind.”

“A Frog medicine person can clean negativity from any environment.”

“Frog speaks of new life and harmony through its rain song.”

“Call to Frog and find peace in the joy of taking time to give to yourself. A part of this giving is cleansing yourself of any person, place, or thing that does not contribute to your new state of serenity and replenishment.”

Hypnotherapy reminds me of shamanic journeying — mystical and magical–brought to you by the subconscious mind and what I know as The Sacred Feminine.

Know Thyself ~ Heal Thyself