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Dragon Speak

S/He Dragon supports planetary healing through the Transition Network’s global community and its “inner resilience” component that includes “head, heart and hands.” S/He posted the following “Dragon Speak” in response to Rob Hopkins brilliant article, Is Transition Political? ( Dragon Speak is different language than human speak. It is more right-brained (seeing the whole) than left-brained (seeing the parts). These two opposites are learning to work together.


Free Flowing Transition

I have been circulating Transition Free Press newspapers to my regional Transition Towns here in Salish Sea/Pacific Northwest/US. Each TT has a unique shape through their action projects and the platforms on which those actions stand. Does not every project have a political platform, a purpose?

This is not politics as usual. This is a system of flow where “bottom up” meets “top down.” Duality stops here. (We might need a new word to replace old “politics” if we can’t see it in a new light.)

It is empowering and encouraging when a Transition member is on City Council and part of that mainstream system. We feel proud. Go team!

Transition is a “party”, a network, a global community in action of flow. We follow our hearts and let that spirit guide us whether that is organizing a county coal/oil train watch, a Tool Library, a climate change event or a food hub.

It’s all Transition in flow.

Light Matters

Light Matters

Light reaches out across the universe uplifting matter. Seeds and roots respond in Spring time glory. This circulating power, moving outward, downward and upward, has unlimited potential for humans and human systems on Gaia. Light is reaching out to you. Let it in. Let it move through you and out creatively, lovingly into your world.

Walking Dragon Lines

Walking Dragon Lines

We walk dragon (ley) lines of Solar Light and Earthy Matter. Feel these lines in your daily walk through life. Thank these forces for their life giving sustainable substance.

“The Earth has its own nerve system and arteries of circulation. Many cultures have developed systems for working with these energy lines. In Europe, research into ley lines began in England and Germany in the 1920’s and 30’s. The Chinese developed the art of Feng Shui. Australian Aborigines have their Song Lines. These lines have varying lengths and widths. In the human body there are microscopic blood vessels and the large aorta heart artery.”