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Crystal Clear Orbit


Hidden secrets, outright lies and tiny fibs lay just beneath the surface of our psyches. These underground energies lash out here, there and everywhere with a life of their own. They are far from dormant.

Imagine your own life and the lies that you have told yourself and others. Imagine the life of Mother Earth and the eons of lies she has heard and thus holds in her energy field and circling orbit.

As we humans heal ourselves through Truth telling we heal our Mother. The parts and the whole become crystal clear and Her orbital path around the Sun sparkles a new song and dance.

Cosmic Lens

cosmic lens
It happened last night as I shut my eyes for sleep. It has happened before: A shift at my Third Eye opens to dark cosmic space filled with white lights. I/we fly through leaving a wake in space. This lasts for a split second. The sensation is one of a lens opening at my Third Eye. It is a vibrational shift and I wonder: Can I learn to open this lens at will? Not having any training in this sort of thing I will leave the instructions to my inner guides — as usual. I have a host of cosmic/extraterrestrial friends who show up unexpectedly. Maybe they can assist in this new awakening. I welcome their support.

Third Eye

Why do I constantly tell my stories? To honor the Sacred Feminine that was a missing link in my life for the first twenty-five years. Her absence caused depression, compulsive patterns of behavior with men and food, and feeling like a zombie in this world—a lost soul. Her presence brings inspiration through dreams, visions, out-of-body experiences/astral traveling, holographic images, etc. Her language in my life is an enchanting adventure on an evolving spiral.

I am currently focused on getting to the root of my addiction to sugar. I have hit a layer of “gravity” that does not want me to change and my resistance is at a peak. Yesterday after writing about this I lied down to rest and an image came in. This image continues to hang out in thin air and as a result I am considering it to be holographic. Would that mean that the Third Eye is a holographic receptor and transmitter? What does that mean?
The image was/is a human body peeling a layer from the neck and shoulder downward. It was/is more like skin than a piece of clothing. What is this layer that is causing me to be so resistant to change? How do I continue to peel away this layer that includes an old identity, chemical imbalance, and an addictive habit?

I continue to “stay tuned.”

Staying “tuned” had instantaneous results. I was closing my computer and my eye went directly to a document called My Rapture Book. I opened it and saw a file named Addiction. Here is what I blogged in March of 2006. I include this in my book S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings, Oversoul Chapter.

Who Does She Think She Is?
Who does she think she is, anyway? This Oversoul character…coming into our space and taking charge! We have been handling things quite well for many years now. Hah! She who wants to change things all around. Non-sense! Why just this morning she had us held hostage for two hours…two hours!…determining what we would all have for breakfast. She has this notion that we are a gyroscopic household and that our eating habits need to change to promote balance. I was ready to dive into cookie dough but she put the brakes on that one. Not even one bite! She suggested this “yummy” sprout salad that she would make for us. We nudged her another direction…a compromise you might say: a nutritious soup with toast and butter. She is making us corned beef and cabbage later. And that took two hours? What’s with all her stillness, introspection and contemplation…did she come from some monastary? What I want to know is, “What’s for dessert?” Does she really expect me to give up territory that I’ve held for ages? Does she really expect me to change my nature? My name, afterall, is Resistance…and I expect to live up to it! She does, however, have a way of sweet talking and getting our attention. She told me I could have treats but not in the same way as before. Hummmph! I still wanna know: Who does she think she is, anyway?

Busted !
That Oversoul ruined my day! Just when I was getting my way with the favorite gingerbread recipe and bottle of molasses she turned to me and said: “Busted!” She picked up on the sexual currents and asked the rest of her household why the prospect of eating gingerbread was creating a sensual/sexual response. They remembered that Aware Eating stuff they were learning and the body work they did with coach Robin. I got absolutely no respect…they cut me off! No gingerbread today…she said the household can have gingerbread when the compulsive behavior stops and there is a better sense of balance. Oversoul is really getting on my nerves! I put those feelings of pleasure there long, long ago to protect her household and distract them from an inner emptiness…a longing for connection. It worked and now everything is being turned upside down, inside out and outside in. Why change that pattern now? Oversoul seems to think the household should have a different sensuality and sexuality that doesn’t focus on sweet treats. Now, what on earth would that look like?

What do I learn from all this? My Sacred Masculine assists with logic putting the pieces (Her images, visions, dreams, etc.) of a puzzle together. His feedback is that a new cycle of “focus” is in play that includes the Third Eye and the physical body. My body must raise its frequency to be more aligned and sharply focused. So, am I shifting a lens and is this that “layer of gravity?”

My question is, my quest is: How do I let more Light in so that it can penetrate the deepest layers of my unconsciousness?

How do I fly higher and dive lower without hitting a wall? And…why the resistance? This dragon is learning to fly!


hanuman chalisa hindi
I was doing a drum meditation the other morning that was very animated, alive. The thought crossed my mind that it was time to stop but my arm would not stop so I kept drumming. I thought again that it was time to stop but again my arm kept moving as if the drumming had a life of its own. In the intensity a face appeared. I had seen this face on Ancient Aliens a few nights before and had asked, “Who are you?” Now he appeared!

It looks like my question was answered. Will I be more intentional about questions from now on? It is not my right brain nature to think of, let alone ask, questions. I prefer to flow and float letting “whatever” come to me–not at all practical in this dimension. I continue to work on grounding, logical thinking and being in my body. Maybe this male deity can help me balance. I will ask him!

Hanuman is an ardent devotee of Rama. He is one of the central figures in the Hindu epic Ramayana and its various versions. As one of the Chiranjivi, he is also mentioned in several other texts, including the Mahabharata, the various Puranas and some Jain texts. Hanuman participated in Rama’s war against the demon king Ravana. Several texts also present him as an incarnation of Shiva. He is the son of Anjana and Kesari and is also described as the son of the wind-god Pawan, who according to several stories, played a role in his birth.
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A Ring Speaks

I was at Stargazer’s metaphysical supply store last Sunday for a SUFON Meetup. After the talk I was standing next to a man (a psychic medium) and noticed his ring. Suddenly a SWOOSHING burst of energy washed over me. I observed this energy and it SWOOSHED again. Where was this coming from? Was the ring speaking to me? I had a similar “blast” experience with a crystal at Mt. Shasta, a Yogananda poster at East West Books, and a Torus Stone introduced to us by Michael Tellinger. I have accepted that I am wired to a multi-dimensional grid and delighted when these “contacts” come in.

I called the man the next day asking about his ring. “Oh, that is my Ganesha ring. I am an author and Ganesha supports writing and communication.”

Here is google’s definition: Ganesh (also spelled Ganesa or Ganesha and known as Ganapati, Vinayaka and Pillaiyar) is the Lord of Good Fortune who provides prosperity, fortune and success. He is the Lord of Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles of both material and spiritual kinds.

Why are all these East Indian Gods/Goddesses speaking to me (I have a line up of them on this site)? How do I connect the dots or fit the next puzzle piece into place? Currently I am thinking that I am being led to spend time with Dr. Steven Greer and his CE-5 expedition. Dr. Greer’s work includes meditation and Eastern practices. What would I contribute at such an expedition? The answer is easy: We have a wing chakra and we are Angel Human. We are designed to fly in a loving universe — as one cosmic family.

The Twilight Zone


Do you recognize the voices in your head? Those voices of your Ego self (dark matter) and your Angel Self (spiritual light)? And do you recognize when there is interference from another source outside yourselves—interference that brainwashes and manipulates the ego body? Last night all these voices crossed wires culminating in a crescendo that put me into a vortex spin.

The first signs of this vortex appeared a couple of days ago when I awoke with heavy, negative feelings. These feelings began to act out. At one point I observed myself wanting to throw an object out of rage. Who was this person? I didn’t recognize the emotional outbursts that were playing out. There was no logic to what was happening…so I let it move without judgment internally and without expressing it outwardly.

Last night under the “spell” of Full Snow Moon, Eclipse, and the approaching Comet 45P. I had trouble driving and staying in my body. It was scary and caused me to panic more than once. I responded to this “twilight zone” sensation by focusing my eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. I had to stay in my body!

After hours of driving I was getting close to home and put in a Cat Stevens CD. Many years, after hitting bottom and meeting Archangel Michael, this music comforted me. Now the music touched that nerve releasing a tidal wave of emotion. Sobs and tears followed and thoughts of my previous husband, now on the other side, came through. He and I were so enmeshed, so co-dependent. Our relationship so dysfunctional with its own vortex of mixed emotions, thoughts and actions. Why was this coming up now? In the intensity I sent him love from this side.

I am very familiar with this transmutation process although this twilight “out of body” sensation is new. Transmutation always happens in a new cycle when a deeper part of my earth/ego body needs cleansing/healing. It’s as if the higher I fly the deeper I dive. Light dances with Dark and this effects mental mind, emotional heart, and physical body. Did I mention “intense”?

After I was home I noticed that the top of my head felt like it was in a pressure cooker. I seemed to have lost my center of gravity and was spinning outward, out of body. What to do? I went to sleep. Sweet sleep!

Not sure what is next. No doubt I will write about it! The word “revelation” comes in so I will go with that: This website blog is my own book of revelation. Which reminds me…there was a passage from the Book of Revelation that came through early last week about a new heaven and a new earth. It’s as if this future personal experience was predicting itself before it had arrived.

Revelation 21:1
And I saw a new heaven and a new earth:
for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away;
and there was no more sea.

Circle of Consciousness

multi circle

Being very right brain I see in pictures and being whole brained I talk in Dragon Speak.

I went to the Korean spa today for a massage. At the end I was blissing out in stillness and started to express gratitude to the multi-dimensional beings who have introduced themselves to me over many years.

As I started to identify them they arced West, North, East and then went underground…..South, West and North. I wondered: Do these beings hold space and radiate lines outward?

Does this full circle represent human consciousness (mine, yours, ours) with higher consciousness above ground and sub-conscious below ground? And is this whole not the balance of Light and Dark?

Such is this mystery that I live and that lives me. One thing is for sure…the parts are coming together into one whole and providing new understanding as to how it all fits together.

Another puzzle piece awaits. I love puzzles !!

Shamanic Living


Here is another experience as to why I say, “I don’t do Shamanism. Shamanism does me.”

Last night on Facebook I saw a picture of the man who has been stalking me and hacking into my communication systems via my phone and the internet. For years I have not wanted to see this man’s face or have any part of his community. Last night was different. I looked closely at him. The smile on his face did not match the look in his eyes. I was looking at a troubled soul and I felt empathy!

Why the change in me? Why the shift? The answer comes from observation. This month I have scheduled time with many friends and am acting like a “social butterfly.” My “Dragon cave” days seem to be over. Now, I want to be with people!

This shift is an example of how I LET Feminine energy (She) guide me. Change happens in my heart first and my mental mind (He) adds logic to my experience. This inner relationship of S/He is trustworthy and has been evolving me on an upward spiraling path for many years. My book S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings tells that story.

This morning I am thinking (thank you Male logic) that this is an “orbital” experience. If my friends are orbs of matter moving in space are we not relating in orbital patterns? What lifts us in buoyancy and resilience? What moves us in circular pattern of rotation? LOVE. Love that changes all things making them new. Not sexual love that is based in ego and lowest chakras but unconditional love that is a whole body and soul experience – holy.

If more LOVE is flowing with me and my orbital relationships is it not logical that more love is flowing with Planet Earth’s orbit? And though the world appears to be dark the TRUTH is more LOVE is flowing.

The other morning two horses came into my dreamscape. They were going to lead a group of us somewhere. They were covered with white gauze-like material. The first horse started to nuzzle my face and we engaged in a dynamic interchange. Later that day I noticed a significant change in my chemistry and behavior. Since Thanksgiving I had been craving sweets and mentally tried to change that but it never worked. Now, a horse changed it! How does that happen?

Is there not an Egyptian god with a horse face? The television show Ancient Aliens suggests that these gods were actually extraterrestrials who visited Earth. I just now googled “horse faced god” and here is the answer:

Hayagriva is a horse headed avatar of the Lord Vishnu in Hinduism representing knowledge and wisdom.

Portal for Change

Every morning I am “instructed” (a calling or a pulling) to drum and meditate and so….I am! This morning a bright silver disc appeared in the uppermost NE corner of my mind’s inner eye. Then I received the message that I am / We are portals for Light moving to, through and from matter. This gives me a sense of purpose and JOY !! Be a Light Worker and change matter !!