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Crown Chakra Healing

I was with a group at Mt. Baker last weekend sitting in a support circle, facilitated by Marcie Klevens, MA, LMHCA, as individuals were sharing their stories about close encounters of the multidimensional kind. The woman sitting next to me kept saying that she did not feel well. I asked her where in her body she was feeling this. She put her hand on the top of her head. “The crown chakra,” I commented and was then asked to explain this to the group. I described chakras as the Kundalini system in our physical body where Light moves from crown to root and root to crown and that this energy flow keeps us healthy and alive.
I put my right hand an inch above the top of her head and “massaged” her crown. Immediately she felt relief and expressed her surprise at the shift…not once, but several times. This is the second time recently that my hands have offered healing. This is very new to me and is not something I have been trained in specifically. Although my relationship with Light has been instructing me since I met Archangel Michael 40+ years ago. Can I put that on my business website?

I am now certified as a hypnotherapist and will take 40 hours of Past Life Regression next week to add to the clinical training. I finally know what I want to be when I grow up!

Cosmic Photo Album

I am adding two new “cosmic family” members to this ongoing blog and photo album. What is common about this family? What is our common DNA? Light and Matter. My book, this blog and photo album reveals my relationship with Light.
Mother Mary appeared the morning of July 4 at ECETI Ranch’s Science, Spirit & World Transformation Conference / Activating the Master Within.
Her misty and mystical face became part of our sacred dance movements. She looked just like the painted image that was hanging in a frame on the conference room wall. In a hushed voice I said, “Mother Mary is here.” Her subtle nature was an affirmation of the Sacred Feminine.
Grey ET
Returning home July 4 and falling asleep that night I saw two large black almond eyes with the outline of a Grey ET face. It filled up the entire screen of my mind’s Eye. It was so large I almost missed it. My response was silence as I listened and watched for what was to happen next. I then felt a vibrational frequency above me at the right (the same side/pathway that has been providing significant information lately). It was a here/now moment, both simple and profound. Just like Dragon, ET Greys get a bad rap.

Arcturus Healing Energy

Yesterday in my final practice hypnotherapy session with a client who was in pain (soon to have surgery) I did a body scan and saw soft pink/blue/yellow energy pulsating over her stomach. The motion and colors lasted most of the session. When I asked for the source of this energy I saw/heard: “Arcturus,” the “Bear Guard” Star. I looked this up to learn this bright star is located in the constellation of Bootes. Two weeks earlier in a session with a different client Bootes came through again. This is all new to me as dots begin to connect in an amazing journey of S/He Dragon ~ How I Found My Wings. Personal and Planetary Healing now expands to Cosmic Healing.
Bear Gaurd Star

Care Free Contributionism

I keep having déjà vu experiences about my childhood. Sweeping outdoor steps reminds me of sweeping (with ferns) the camps in my back woods. Bike riding reminds me of biking for miles and seeing snakes basking in sunlight on paved roads. The deep purple lilacs, now in full bloom, remind me of my grandmother and placing May Day baskets at her front door. Childhood was carefree and I keep wanting to go back there. Today, bike riding, I realized that I am still that little girl who was carefree. She didn’t go anywhere. So, I remember by breathing in the scents and sensations of childhood. I breathe in her free spirit and breathe out wisdom (those many lessons learned) that comes with this elder age. We breathe each other inspiring one care free spirit.

This spirit reminds me of UBUNTU Contributionism that advocates for a new way of living on earth and with one another. Imagine giving 3 hours a week in return for free energy. Imagine each person contributing their natural gift. Imagine not being a slave to money and work. Yes, this vision is being imagined and is playing out in real time on Earth. Meet the founder of the UBUNTU Party, Michael Tellinger, in Seattle on Monday, June 12 and learn more about this new reality:

Uncover our hidden origins and create a plan of action to move away from the financial tyranny into a world of abundance.

What Michael will cover…
✦ Ancient Origins
✦ True World History
✦ The Sumerian & Gods
✦ Sound & Frequency
✦ Advanced Quantum Technology
✦ Free Energy, Sustainability
✦ A Money Free Society
✦ How we can Create a world of abundance for ALL

“Ah-Ha” Moments

Don’t you just love “Ah-Ha” moments? Those times when dots—the puzzle pieces of life—connect in your mind and you see a larger picture? I experienced such a moment last week during hypnotherapy training. After a couple of days I noticed that I kept reaching out with my right hand to touch a few classmate’s upper back. I did this with affection and appreciation for them and it was an energy release, a grounding, for me. At one point it dawned on me that my hand was connecting with their Angel Wings—Ah-Ha! This conscious awareness of my subconscious behavior was enlightening. It’s fun to observe how energy or Light moves through my body expressing emotion.

My personal relationship with Light began years ago, at age twenty-five, when Archangel Michael visited me in meditation. His spiritual presence shifted my body and my world. He continues to be present in my life and I keep meeting people who know Angel Michael because he has touched their life in a personal way.

Light moves through matter that I AM enlivening and animating my physical systems. This same Light can be prevented from moving through my body creating a hole or tear in my aura or Matrix Web. After five days of feeling buoyant, upbeat and clear I hit turbulence. What happened? Why the change? Do I look around for someone or something external to blame? My subconscious provided the answer: I had behaved and spoke in ways that were out of balance, unhealthy, and not of my highest self. As a result I experienced instant Karma! This, too, was an “Ah-Ha” moment giving me information and inspiration to stay out of toxic habits.

Holy Socks !!

In morning meditation I was reminded of my recent “sock” encounter:

My socks have been “singing” to me, catching my attention. I notice that the new pairs I purchased are thicker, brighter and feel more luxurious on my feet. I respect my socks and would never let them get holes or thread bare. Why?

In hypnotic regression years ago, I learned that one of my past lives occurred during Ireland’s Potato Famine. It was very emotional for m e to be in trance state of mind and see my gunny sack dress, dirty bare feet, mud floor and empty bowl in my hands. And it was an “Ah-Ha” moment to link the starvation in that lifetime with food binges in this one.

What are these threads that connect now to then and then to now?

It is the “pinging” of a guitar string, the strum of a harp. It is the motion of emotion on the Matrix Web holding past, present and future events. I call this the Language of the Sacred Feminine.

The field of human emotion is full of holes—like old worn socks. Holes where words were withheld. Holes where emotions were cut off. Holes where negative toxins burned through. Holes where colors faded.

How long is it okay to wear old, worn out socks? How long will it be until one invests in a new pair? It is our personal responsibility to connect the threads and heal our emotional field. It is time for new socks!

Matrix Song

hanuman chalisa hindi

I asked for more connection with Hanuman and this awareness came through morning meditation on April 24:

The Matrix Web “pings” when I express Love strengthening the musical chords.

The Matrix Web “thuds” when ego blocks Love creating holes of separation in the sound chamber.

The Matrix Web holds past, present, future stories of one song.

The Matrix Web breathes/sings us and we breathe/sing the Matrix Web.

Breath of Life

web with holes
Beings here on Earth and in other dimensions are connected, like a jigsaw puzzle, inhaling one ocean of energy and exhaling multi waves of identity and expression. This breath work is our collective matrix. What does our matrix look like? Is it intact or does it have holes? What others do affects and moves me; what I do affects and moves others. The greatest gift one can offer oneself and others is self-healing, the purifying of one’s Breath of Life.

The matrix is alive, breathing feminine inspiration filtered through the heart, and breathing masculine information filtered through the mind. In rhythmic harmony (resonance) these two opposites breathe as one. In dissonance they create chaos.

Negative space is speaking to me, teasing me, as if playing hide-and-seek with “come-out-come-out, wherever you are!” I hear it in the reverberating hum of my drum, in between drum beats. I begin to sense it in the work I am doing to change old habits regarding food choices, multi-tasking, and moving too fast. I listen and look more closely, behind the scenes and around the corners. Is this where healing begins, in the spaces in between?


Crystal Clear Orbit


Hidden secrets, outright lies and tiny fibs lay just beneath the surface of our psyches. These underground energies lash out here, there and everywhere with a life of their own. They are far from dormant.

Imagine your own life and the lies that you have told yourself and others. Imagine the life of Mother Earth and the eons of lies she has heard and thus holds in her energy field and circling orbit.

As we humans heal ourselves through Truth telling we heal our Mother. The parts and the whole become crystal clear and Her orbital path around the Sun sparkles a new song and dance.