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Dragon Speak

S/He Dragon supports planetary healing through the Transition Network’s global community and its “inner resilience” component that includes “head, heart and hands.” S/He posted the following “Dragon Speak” in response to Rob Hopkins brilliant article, Is Transition Political? (transitionnetwork.org/blogs). Dragon Speak is different language than human speak. It is more right-brained (seeing the whole) than left-brained (seeing the parts). These two opposites are learning to work together.


Free Flowing Transition

I have been circulating Transition Free Press newspapers to my regional Transition Towns here in Salish Sea/Pacific Northwest/US. Each TT has a unique shape through their action projects and the platforms on which those actions stand. Does not every project have a political platform, a purpose?

This is not politics as usual. This is a system of flow where “bottom up” meets “top down.” Duality stops here. (We might need a new word to replace old “politics” if we can’t see it in a new light.)

It is empowering and encouraging when a Transition member is on City Council and part of that mainstream system. We feel proud. Go team!

Transition is a “party”, a network, a global community in action of flow. We follow our hearts and let that spirit guide us whether that is organizing a county coal/oil train watch, a Tool Library, a climate change event or a food hub.

It’s all Transition in flow.